What To Play – May 2016

It’s dawned on me during the creation of the Top 100 list, as well as the Top Real Courses list, that difficulty is an important factor in the enjoyability of a course for a lot of players. Ever since the Golf Club debuted, we’ve had an inkling, if not an outright understanding, that difficulty plays a very large part in the ultimate course rating given to a course. In fact, I’ve received an occasional bit of criticism here and there for my ratings, which tend (by appearances at least) to favor more difficult courses.


What I have not revealed in any of my lists so far, though, is that I keep a general evaluation of course difficulty with each course that I have reviewed. Therefore, it’s time for me to introduce the What to Play list. Here I’ll reveal a number of courses at various difficulties to keep an eye on. Rather than strictly following the Top 100 list, I’ll try to mix things up a bit and keep a fresh rotation of courses each month. Keep in mind, despite my best efforts to be objective, evaluating difficulty remains a very personal and subjective appearance.


I have no idea how this is going to go, so feedback is much appreciated!


Easy Courses


Yuchi Valley by Wes Hartman


Name Designer Theme
Oceanic Athletic Club Adam Benjamin Highlands
TPC at Sawgrass (blacks) Brandon Pugh Tropical
Tobacco Dunes Steve Pope Boreal
Killarney Golf and Country Club Nick Weisgerber Highlands
Loch Lorne Golf Club, Perthshire, Scotland Chris Biggins Boreal
The Red October G&CC Mick Pitcher Harvest
Chudleigh Golf Club Lez Marwick Boreal
Cohutta Country Club Todd Driver Boreal
New South Flower Ola Ericsson Harvest
Yuchi Valley TST Pin A Wes Hartman Boreal


Easy-Medium Courses


Spyglass Hill by Yeltzman


Name Designer Theme
Idanha Ridge Golf Club Henrik Sundqvist Rustic
The Course at Hiwassee Hills Todd Driver Rustic
Harbor Island Platinum Jeremy Blaylock Highlands
Spyglass Hill 2015 yeltzman Delta
Pittsburgh Field Club (thurs) Pete Kohelis Rustic
Mai Phu Kyn Golf Club, Mekong Delta, Vietnam David Jensen Delta
The Capilano Club Andre Quenneville Boreal
Olde Scarpacci Antonio Scarpacci Highlands
Mistwood Golf Course William Bradford Highlands
Hocking Hills Country Club (Thursday) Tim Jaquith Countryside


Hard Courses


The Tarantula Club by Keith Callahan


Name Designer Theme
Royal Birkdale 2016 (Thursday Dry) Yeltzman Highlands
Dr. Yeti’s 9 Hole Haven at Crater Lake Bryan Cowles Autumn
Riviera Country Club – Thursday Bryan Boomer Rustic
TGC Players’ Club – Stadium Course Dario Logan Countryside
Whonnock Lake Golf Club (Black Diamond) Andre Quenneville Swiss
The Tarantula Golf Club Keith Callahan Desert
Chicago Golf Club JELindholm Countryside
Elmview – Open Day 1 Brian Jeffords Countryside
Blue Oak Country Club Brett Carr Countryside
Potomac Country Club Brandon Pugh Boreal


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