What To Play – July 2016

This month in What To Play we look at courses of different firmness. Finding courses that play soft can be tough, so the Soft and/or Slow list should make that search a little easier. On the opposite end of the spectrum, firm courses are nearly the default for any newly released course. Here are a variety of firm courses that may have been missed along the way.


Twisted Palms Resort by Seth Campion

Soft and/or Slow

Name Designer Theme
Twisted Palms Resort Seth Campion Tropical
Loon Lake State Park Gene Callahan Boreal
Waltzing Matilda Golf Club Stephen Templer Countryside
New South Flower Ola Ericsson Harvest
The Walker Course Clemson, SC William Bradford Boreal
The Course of St. George Mick Pitcher Harvest
Windsong Shores Golf Sanitarium David Jensen Highlands
Westmorland Manor CC Wayne Adams Countryside
Valgrind Golf Club Joseph Bowling Harvest
Celtic Vineyard Golf Club Adam Benjamin Links
St. Lorin Golf Club, Baumgarten Is. Hawaii #1 David Jensen Tropical
Ironfall Golf Club Adam Benjamin Harvest



Seashore Paspalum Links by njdevilsfan30


Name Designer Theme
Seashore Paspalum Links njdevilsfan30 Links
Songbird Country GC Roger Ramjet Countryside
Shougleith Tournament Links – Thurs Adam Hill Highlands
Thousand Island Golf and CC Bryan Boomer Delta
Rio Morros Clay Schlegel Highlands
Evergreen Gardens Adam Hill Countryside
Brynhildr Golf Club Elliot Caw Swiss
Caldera Basin Golf Club Jeremy Holme Tropical
Falcon Bay Sunday Pin Todd Driver Countryside
TPC at Castaway Bay Chris Saunders Tropical
Stonebridge GC – Ottawa Brent Gravelle Countryside
The Columbia Valley Preserve Chris Nelson Delta



Waltzing Matilda by Stephen Templer



The Walker Course Clemson SC by William Bradford



Windsong Shores Golf Sanitarium by David Jensen



Ironfall Golf Club by Adam Benjamin



Shougleith Tournament Links – Thurs by Adam Hill



Brynhildr Golf Club by Elliott Caw



Stonebridge GC – Ottawa by Brent Gravelle



The Columbia Valley Preserve by Chris Nelson

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  1. Jason White on August 22, 2016 at 1:12 am

    Would love it if you gave my J.W. University G.C. CC-Sun and J.W. Whispering Pines Twilight a play. I think you might like them. 😀

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