Top 100 Courses I’ve Played – December 2015

It’s the end of a very eventful year in The Golf Club and in the TGC Tours community. As the weather starts to (kind of) get colder, the competition in the Top 100 list is heating up. In the grand scheme of the entire TGC database, 100 courses is not actually that big of a number, so good courses will be pushed out of the Top 100 each month. To counter this, I will be occasionally doing some smaller, themed lists, so stay tuned.


The highest-ranked newcomer to the Top 100 this month is actually an older course, Tobacco Dunes, which comes in at 21st. Escalante Steps (23rd), Royal Birkdale 2015 (25th), The Capilano Club (28th), and Harvest Plantation (29th) round out the top 5 newcomers. On the opposite end of the list, Boardsmans Bush becomes the last course knocked out of the Top 100, previously sitting at 86th in November.


As always, if you would like your course played and reviewed, please make a request here.



Bison Run by Brian Jeffords


Top 100 Courses I’ve Played – December

RankNameDesignerLast Month
1Whistling Staits, SheboyganCraig Frey1
2Pine Valley, New JerseyCraig Frey2
3Oceanic Athletic ClubAdam Benjamin3
4Loa Pali Golf ResortDario Logan4
5Old Beaver Creek – ChampionshipBill Rader & Brian Jeffords5
6Bison RunBrian Jeffords6
7Pebble Beach Golf Links (blacks)Brandon Pugh7
8The TimberwolfAndre Quenneville8
10Bailiwick Grand Golf ClubJob Fickett & Dan Hebert10
11Halton BeachDan Hebert11
12Columbia National Golf LinksBrian Jeffords12
13Freshwater Golf ClubAdam Benjamin13
14Firestone CC SouthBrandon Pugh14
15Hoodoo Hills: RemasteredBryan Cowles15
16Skull Valley Golf Club – OutlawSteve Pope16
17Spyglass Hill 2015yeltzman17
18Dovetail Park Golf ClubSimon Morris18
19Le Golf NationalDean Lowden19
20Vallentuna Golfklubb – SwedenMikael Thunberg20
21Tobacco DunesSteve PopeNew
22St. Lorin Golf Club, Baumgarten Is. Hawaii #1David Jensen21
23Escalante Steps (Par 3)Brian JeffordsNew
24Celtic Vineyard Golf ClubAdam Benjamin22
25Royal Birkdale 2015YeltzmanNew
26TGC @ the Engish Rose (Thurs)Wendy Airey23
27Eighteen at Strawberry PlainsTodd Driver24
28The Capilano ClubAndre QuennevilleNew
29Harvest PlantationTodd DriverNew
30Valgrind Golf ClubJoseph Bowling25
31TGC Players’ Club – Stadium CourseDario Logan26
32The HomesteadBrian Jeffords / Andre Quenneville27
33Kahiko Beach Golf and Surf ClubAndre Quenneville28
34Royal BallyloughRod Simpson29
35Mistwood Golf CourseWilliam Bradford30
36Grand Epson V1Wendy Airey31
37King Kyne Royal TropicanaDavid Jensen32
38Hocking Hills Country Club (Thursday)Tim JaquithNew
39Falcon Bay Sunday PinTodd Driver33
40Sleepy Willow CC (Blacks)Brandon Pugh34
41Rivington HallMartyn Shaw35
42Thousand Island Golf and CCBryan Boomer36
43PGA West (Palmer) [Sunday]Rod Simpson37
44Sugar Hills: TGC EditionJohn Rubenkoenig38
45El Caiman CGEnrique De Guzman39
46The Red October G&CCMick Pitcher40
47Royal Troon Old Course 2015Yeltzman41
48Elmview – Open Day 1Brian Jeffords42
49Chicago Golf ClubJELindholmNew
50Cohutta Country ClubTodd DriverNew
51The Par 3 Course at Flora ParkElliot Caw43
52The Walker Course Clemson, SCWilliam BradfordNew
53Turnberry Kintyre CourseAlan McSpadyen44
54Songbird Country GCRoger Ramjet45
55Burberry Blacksuperace3346
56Blue Oak Country ClubBrett Carr47
57Valefor 2015Elliot Caw48
58TGC @ Murky HollowJohn Rubenkoenig49
59Cairn OrchardDale Burger50
60New South FlowerOla Ericsson51
61Briarbanks Country ClubBrandon Pugh52
62Tropic of CapricornStephen McIntyre53
63Longdale PikesJeremy Holme54
64Celebration CoveJeff Reese55
65Royal BlackburnChris LaneNew
66Hau’oli Mino’akaStephen Templar56
67Zewina Golf ClubMikael Thunberg57
68Fraxinus Country ClubAndrew Sikorski58
69TGC @ Gull Island (Tour)David Jensen59
70Lac De Verde Golf ClubDean Lowden60
71Waltzing Matilda Golf ClubStephen TemplerNew
72The Club at Ridenour – ThursdayTyler Duke61
73New Bronze Leaf Resort GoldclubRoger Ramjet62
74Potomac Country ClubBrandon Pugh63
75Tri-Lakes Golf and Fishing ResortKelly Rayburn64
76The TraditionalWayne Adams65
77Hunter Forest (US Open)Keith Callahan66
78Evergreen TrailsSteve SloanNew
79Blackhawk Forest CCRoger Ramjet67
80Harvest HillsGene Callahan68
81Abaddon Golf Club USO EditionBobby Anderson69
82Loon Lake State ParkGene Callahan70
83Cuyahoga Golf ClubDario Logan71
84Angel DownsJeremy Holme72
85Pinehill Country ClubJoe Greenhalgh73
86Kapalua Bay Golf ClubBryan Boomer74
87Fishers GC – Fishers Island, NYMatthew Essig75
88Baron Hills Complex (matured)Mick Pitcher76
89Old York Golf ClubSteve Sloan77
90TGC Trails @ Adirondack National – MembersM.J. Hunt78
91Legacy TraceJeff Michael79
92St. Andrews Old Course 2015colinmafia80
93Bad MunstereifelUrsusArctos + ErnieTheWels81
94King Memorial at Creole IsleJason Wert82
95Aurora Oaks Country ClubRyan O’Donnell83
96Sierra Nevada Club de GolfRaul MoralesNew
97TPC @ Bay CityBrett CarrNew
98Squire HillsJason Wert84
99Heineken Golf & Beer ClubJimmy SheridanNew
100Marquesas Resort & Golf Club V2Inflames4785

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