The TST Tour- From Rage Quitting to Rewarding

Some may argue that The Golf Club is a game that needs to be played with aids. This is a video game right? We need to see at least how much the wind is blowing or exactly what the green is doing, right? There is another small, passionate group that disagrees with this, and this group is gathering followers quite quickly.

The TST (True Sim Tour…originally known as the RGT- Realistic Golf Tour) is the brainchild of Matt Lampitt, a true “sim” sports gamer. My first encounter with Matt was about 7 months ago, when he approached me to see if he could help out with course reviews on TGCTours. He joined the review team and started out with some reviews. He also streamed his reviews, which I liked, but something was different. He was playing with no wind meter, no green grid, and no scout cam. “NO SCOUT CAM?? How is this even possible?”, I thought to myself. I watched a couple of his streams and was intrigued.

Then Matt disappeared. Out of nowhere. I wondered where he went until a month later, I stumbled upon the Realistic Golf Tour and noticed that Matt was running things! So this is where he went. I was impressed. It was a small, yet passionate group of players with winning scores barely breaking par. This looked great and I signed up immediately.

I jumped into my first tournament round right away. No practice. How hard could this be? Well it turns out, VERY. I slowly was able to figure out wind speed and direction through closely watching my previous shots, but I was completely lost on the greens. I had no idea how to read them. Everything that broke looked straight to me, everything that looked like it was breaking, went straight. I was +15 after 6 holes.  So I rage quit. “This is ridiculous”, I thought…”it’s just a guessing game”.

This is straight....right?

This is straight….right?



I didn’t go near the site again for another few months and decided to give it a REAL try. I needed to figure out how to read these greens.  It took some practice, but I slowly started figuring it out. I was able to correctly predict which direction the ball was going to go…that’s a start, right? I wasn’t making a ton of putts, but I realized this was no “guessing game”.


Being able to use the camera to read putts from behind the hole helped me immensely.

Being able to use the camera to read putts from behind the hole helped me immensely.


Then I was hooked. My scores started to fall. I broke 80…then 75. Now, I am able to break par occasionally.  Scores that I would NEVER have thought to be proud of breaking in video game golf, but I was. Making a clutch slight left-to-right 6 footer for par felt fantastic. With the aids on, that would have been just another putt. Now that the True Sim Tour has made its’ way over to, lead by that same team of passionate people over on the RGT, do yourself a favor and check it out. A word of warning however. Most of you will SUCK at it at the start. It may take 5…10…50 rounds for you to get the hang of it. I still haven’t, but I’m enjoying struggling along and trying my best. I’m a happy camper now that I can add the TST Tour to my regular tour rounds here at TGCTours to fill my unrelenting hunger for this game (Speed Golf as well, more on that in a future post…). So get out there and at least give it a try. Who knows, maybe you will like it better without aids. Tournaments start next week.

Just practice a bit first.

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  1. StoneComet on October 1, 2015 at 8:06 pm

    Excellent and well done. The main thing I learned from Matt and from experience with reading greens without the grid is to not get tunnel vision. Always step back (pan back or up and away) and look at the general lay of the land for general visual cues. The most frustrating part for many will be the time it takes. After a while though you will be able to at least two putt pretty consistently and quickly. Good Luck and hang in there to all that give this a try.

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