TGCTours Gives Back: Honduras

As one of our two inaugural charity events, we invite you to play the Honduras Charity Open during week 7 of our tour schedule.  The event will be held at a special charity edition of my Celebration Cove course which resembles, in some ways, the topography of the Honduran region.

The event is in support of a trip I will be taking with my son, Alex (15), and a group of 6 others in December of this year.

group1The trip has three components:

1) the Soccer Camp
2) work at the Orphanage
3) outreach to the La Colonia community

Monday through Friday we will be hosting a soccer camp for three groups of children ages 6 through 15, approximately 75 to 100 children in all.  The three groups include children from the orphanage, children that area a part of the Care4Communities program, and children from La Colonia, an impoverished village near “the dump”.  The dump is a trash refuse where families scrounge all day for things they can sell and sometimes even things they can eat.  This is their sole means of survival as there isn’t employment available.  The village of La Colonia has homes which are not much larger than your average backyard shed, yet sometimes house multiple families.

The cycle of poverty is harsh.  The villagers in La Colonia face numerous challenges physically, academically, spiritually, and socially. Education is only provided through grade 6 and many do not even have the opportunity to go that far.  Care4Communities is committed to working with children providing them growth opportunities through education, health initiatives, and physical activities (like our soccer camp).  Working with the villagers to provide such opportunities for potential future leaders is a meaningful way to equip them to better their community.

In addition to the soccer camp, we will be doing work at the orphanage and holding outreaches to the community.  In the evenings, we will be going throughout the village meeting the families of our campers, encouraging them, praying for them, and inviting them to our Friday food outreach.  On Friday, we will be hosting a meal at the dump.  We will be serving food to all that come and will providing them a box of food to take home that will consist of at least one large bag of rice and one large back of beans.

Beyond our travel expenses, we need funds to purchase the food, to rent the soccer field for the camp, and shipping/luggage fees for equipment for the camp.   We are specifically encouraging the TGC Tours community to contribute toward the food purchase portion of our trip. 

Contributions can be made online below directly to Voyager Expeditions, a registered 501(c)3 organization within the U.S.  Thank you so much for your support.

Jeff aka SmilingGoats

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