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Our first two TGC Tours Gives Back events have now concluded, and as a staff, we could not be happier with the results. Specifically for the event I was most involved with, the Autism Speaks Charity Championship, I put out a call on Saturday for a final push of donations to get us to the $500 mark, and the response was overwhelming. We now sit at $557 raised for Autism Speaks in the US, UK, and Canada.




Additionally, a lot of our friends from outside of those three countries were unfortunately unable to donate at the page that we set up, but still donated to local causes for Autism in their home countries, such as Sweden, Australia, and Japan. We don’t have donation totals for those efforts, but we feel that a conservative estimate would be a total of at least $700 raised for Autism globally.


To think that a community of gamers could have that kind of impact is outstanding, and we feel like we are just getting started. As we shift our attention to Spring of 2016 for our next TGC Tours Gives Back event (to be announced), we want to emphasize that while we are more than pleased with the money raised for both Autism Speaks and Voyager Expeditions, we have a lot of room for growth in regards to using our social circles to promote awareness for each cause that we choose to support.


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This spring, we will continue to brainstorm and look for input from the community on ways to increase our impact with the TGC Tours Gives Back initiative. Please feel free to leave your feedback and ideas here, on the TGC Tours forum, and by tweeting @TGCTours. Thanks again to everyone involved, and we look forward to doing it again next Spring!

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