TGC Tours Gives Back: Honduras

Hello Friends,
As we did last fall, we are once again hosting a charity event here at TGC Tours. This year’s tournament will be held during Week 4 (10/31 to 11/05) and can be found as a secondary event on the CC Pro A Schedule. The tournament is open to anyone that wants to play, regardless of what level card is owned.

The purpose of our TGC Tours Gives Back events is to raise money as a community for a designated charity. We have a lot of fun together as a community, we have made great friends, had lively discussions, and healthy competition. But we also have the opportunity to do something as a community that is greater than an online golf simulation. Much like real life golf events benefit charities of varying types, we use this as our opportunity to reach out beyond our computer screens and make a difference in the world.

This Week 4 charity event will be in support of the Clinica Communitaria in Punta Gorda, Honduras. Last December, I had the opportunity to travel to Honduras as part of a team that held a soccer (football) camp for poor Honduran children. During that time, we had the opportunity to do many things for the families and children including providing food and items of need. But I was most impacted by the time we spent in Punta Gorda with the indigenous Garifuna people. We played soccer with the area children and spent time with families in what is now the community clinic. At the time, the clinic was not yet open…they were still renovating an old house into what is now the only medical clinic within a very lengthy drive.

I was saddened to hear the stories of children dying from the most basic, treatable illnesses simply because there was no medical care available. Approximately 11,000 people make up the community of Punta Gorda. The people have little. But they are a wonderfully polite, very welcoming people.

The clinic opened in January of this year. Originally, they were open 3 days per week. But starting this past September, they were able to move to a 5 day per week schedule. Demand has been great. But they cannot operate without external support, both volunteer and paid medical staff, and donated medical supplies/medications. They operate on a shoe string budget but have made much progress in providing medical treatment and education for area residents. They provide primary care, internal medicine, pediatrics, adult care, blood pressure checks, blood sugar testing, breathing treatments, pregnancy testing, immunization, eye exams, and health education to area residents. They also had a dental team visit over the summer to provide dental care one week.

This coming December, I will leading a team of 8 people to go work within the clinic. One of the projects we’ll be working on is to construct a gravity-fed water storage system so that the clinic can have running water during all hours of operation. Presently, they only have enough water to last about 3 hours per week. We’ll also be doing other construction improvements within the clinic and members of our team with a medical background will be assisting with medical care.

Last year, TGC Tours raised about $750.00 to help provide food and items to the areas we visited. If we were able to do the same this year, that would be enough to finance the operation of the clinic for almost 2 full months! That would be a huge help!

In addition to raising monetary funds, we are also able to ship medical supplies to the clinic. If any of you reading this have connections to procure medical supplies or medications, please contact me at

Now for the event details and how to give…

The event will run during the normal week 4 time period and will operate like any other secondary event. We will register everyone but that doesn’t mean you need to play. If you do not play, there will be no DQ. You can play and not donate, that’s perfectly fine. We want it to be fun and there is no pressure to donate. I am working on procuring a prize that we will give to given via a random drawing to all donors. I will update this when I have more details on that.

If you are able to donate, you can donate via check (U.S. only) or credit card or via PayPal. You can choose from the buttons below. All finances are being collected and distributed via my church so contributions are tax deductible for U.S. donors.

Donate via check or credit card   Donate via PayPal

If you prefer to mail a paper check, you can mail it to (please include Honduras-Jeff in the memo field):
Island Alliance Church
510 Thompson Creek Road
Stevensville, MD 21666

Finally, I want to thank you all for the opportunity and invite any of you to ask questions if you have them. I would be happy to tell you more about this clinic and our trip in December.

Jeff aka SmilingGoats