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What To Play – July 2016

This month in What To Play we look at courses of different firmness. Finding courses that play soft can be tough, so the Soft and/or Slow list should make that search a little easier. On the opposite end of the spectrum, firm courses are nearly the default for any newly released course. Here are a…

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What To Play – June 2016

Pebble Beach Golf Links (blacks) by Brandon Pugh   We looked at some courses last month that were on the extreme ends of he scale, either courses that played the easiest or courses that were most difficult. This month I will be focusing on the middle of the spectrum, highlighting courses that I have marked…

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What To Play – May 2016

It’s dawned on me during the creation of the Top 100 list, as well as the Top Real Courses list, that difficulty is an important factor in the enjoyability of a course for a lot of players. Ever since the Golf Club debuted, we’ve had an inkling, if not an outright understanding, that difficulty plays…

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