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How would you improve TGC Tours?

being placed in better leagues that you fall under. I can shoot about 1-2 under per round normally and i’m in a league with people shooting 10-15 under a round. i’ll never even get close to the top of the leaderboard which puts me off the tour.

Don’t like that I cannot compete at the top tier of my tour. Seems like good players come in and play well and win. Would like to be more competitive within my tour.

I think some sort of “elite” tour would make sense as there are a few dozen guys that are just so much better than everyone else. They are only playing against each other each week and the rest of us sorta feel like filler to make it more realistic for them.

I am unable to play the weekend rounds during the summer because we go to the family beach house. I wish I could play them earlier in the week and if I did not make the cut I wouldn’t enter my scores for the 3rd ad 4th round

Seems there are some folks that can play perfect in the roughest conditions while others score well on non tgc tour tourneys sucks on the euro and pga tours, even the true sim course you have someone posting ridiculous -16 rounds, not fun competing against them, so when I started I thought sure I can make a cut, earn some scratch but after a while, even after playing thousands of rounds, it’s not fun anymore.

Make the courses harder, so there is less silly scores.

2 tournaments a week

None. Just don’t have much time to play anymore.

More variety in course selection. Usually same group of designers and same courses as previous season. There are many unknown courses and new designers that are good enough to be on any tour.

Nothing of note in my short time on tour. Appreciate the hard work y’all do… makes for a great game experience!

Have online competitions when the weekly tournament is finished.

Some outstanding community run events that could become officially ‘sanctioned’ TGCT events (with the person organizing continuing to run and monitor as a staff member). Elite players get to play a lot more interesting events (Ryder Cup, Invitationals, etc). Would be nice to simulate that in other tiers to some extent. Elite players have earned the right to play those, but keeping interest in the lower tiers is important for the community as well. I wouldn’t mind some more stratification in the flights. Maybe smaller groupings with the cut lines being reduced would spread out the talent a bit better. I know you want to keep the tours full, but perhaps giving more people the opportunity to compete each week would be beneficial. I would be more forceful banning people that cause issues on the forums – it truly takes away from the great community to have a few individuals always mouthing off about others, but…I realize this is a very difficult issue. TGC2 will be interesting and I’m anxious to hear plans or the the considerations you will be making. It is early for that still, but the future is important to a lot of the players. Overall, the tour is great and I trust your decisions on everything. Thank you all for your time and effort.

Just new to this and really like what you do, maybe email reminders when I have subscribed to a tourney reminding me to play each round if i havent

keep up the good work

Hard to be critical. It has been a great experience and very well organized. Great job guys!

easier navigation to weekly tour events on the TGC.

Not sure tbh. Easier to climb on Tours’.

Just seems overly complicated to be part of a tour & part of the community. I would like to see things simplified to get more players involved.

I’m not really sure how it could be improved, I think the game itself needs to be improved to make it tougher but fairer. As someone who is an average player, I get frustrated quickly when I see people in CC tiers shooting -50 or better over four rounds. When someone knows how to “game” the game it doesn’t stay fun anymore. Nothing against TGC Tours, just a reality in game like this.

Some of the courses in use are poor standard and unfair. There many better courses than some of those selected.

Not sure tbh. Easier to climb on Tours’.

Make it easier to get started when signing up. The Q school and different tours can be confusing and intimating.

Easy, mandatory off weeks…..I know that was the original plan from day one…..burnout is real…Life is real…things come up that take away playtime…..I have started to self regulate as my game/rank deteriorates….plus it would give more people a shot to do well in less prestigious tourneys. So in a 40? week season you can only participate in 35 events….that’s my take. Overall awesome job guys!

I don’t have any suggestions at the time, because I have only recently just begun playing again. Ask me again in a few months and maybe I would have a different answer. The guys at TGCTours clearly put a lot of work into this, and it makes the game exponentially better than if TGC didn’t exist.

Unsure if it needs improving. I would like to have an easier way to see all my cc-a cc-b results in one place.(I keep league jumping)

Keep up the good work. Really keeps my interest going for the golf club. Whats going yo happen when tgc2 comes out???

I really don’t think it needs improving,works well as it is.

More exemption chances for CCA to web.

Better course selection. Sometimes the courses are gimmicky and don’t make much sense in relationship to where they fall on the schedule. More stats tracked and compiled so we have league leaders in things such as Average Drive Distance, Fairway %, Greens %, etc….not just per tournament which is neat but would like an overall to be updated during the season. I know it won’t happen, but something like the CC where there are strikes, could be used on the Web and have a Web A, B and C.

In terms of tournament play or course selection I think everything is wonderful. If there were one thing I would change it would be the ability to play in your friends groups in tournaments.

Kill the challenge circuits. Maybe replace them with 1 amateur tour. Too many levels of the challenge circuit currently.

I also believe that some of the people on the higher tours cheat somehow. I think I’m pretty good, but will finish 20 strokes behind the guys from the upper levels. I’d bet they are using some sort of external assistance. If possible TGC Tours needs to find a better way to police that.

My only suggestion would be to increase the player fields for the pro (Web, Euro and PGA) tours in an effort to make it easier for players to eventually make the PGA. I’m a fairly successful Web player, and at times I get very frustrated that I won’t be able to sniff qualifying for a Tour card or Majors. As an online community, I think allowing for larger fields (200 players) for tournaments will make the game feel more inclusive.

I like all aspects of the tour. I would like to see the alternative tours other than on the message board on the forums. All in all a fantastic job you are doing.

Everything is great. An app would be nice.

You seem to be using concrete greens of late I’m personally getting a bit bored of hitting a ball and hopefully get a good bounce as you can’t land it on the green and stop it

Get rid of firm greens as they play completely unrealistic without the options for spin.

I personally can’t think of any need to improve TGC Tours. However one thing I have seen a couple of times, in particular on the TST events, are people playing both the main and secondary events and then late registering for witch ever they do best on. Although it would be unfair to a lot of people due to real life commitments etc, I feel the only thing that should be considered would be a deadline for registration. For example, rounds 1 & 2 scores need to be submitted by a certain time. I think something similar for registration, say no later than midnight going from Friday into Saturday just before the event goes live across all platforms. Apart from this I love everything about TGC Tours and how it is put together and I am honored to be part of such a great community.

I feel the strike line is a little harsh being 50% of the field and could be a little less.
Also finishing above the clear strike line but below the sponsor exempt line gives no advantage if you haven’t got a single strike at that point, you could have a bad tournament the following week and get a strike even though you’ve been in that bracket the week before. I think if you fall in that bracket and have no strikes to remove you should get a strike pass for the following tournament in the calendar, so if you have a bad tournament following a good one you don’t get penalised. It has to be in the following tournament though, if you miss the next one you lose that pass.

Have easier courses for CC E and CC Z, medium courses for CC D and CC C, and harder courses for the CC A and CC B. That way we could work our way up to harder courses over time. The way it is now can be rather frustrating for us lower players. Thanks πŸ™‚

What makes TGC great is how accurate it is to the real world tours and the productions (stats, videos, tweets, etc.) that promote/re-cap tournament standings, winners and rivalries . Possibly adding more highlights to the weekly recap videos or maybe a top ten shots of the week video.

Daily one-round tournaments in addition to the current tours.

Near enough perfect, can’t fault it.

Course selection could use improvement, as some of the more “tricked up” courses are used too often. I realize this is subjective.

I also find one of the podcast hosts to be rather offensive, and a poor representation of your otherwise outstanding group. His comments border on being homophobic, racist and sexist. I know he’s trying to be funny, but he isn’t. At all. I don’t listen to the podcast or view the recap videos because of that.

Ais off for ALL tournaments

Better Graphics

Turn off some aids like zoom to aim and wind for all top tours.

You folks do a FANTASTIC job! You did drive me CRAZY when you changed the wgr ?! I appreciate all you do for us ???!!! P. S. How about match play leagues? Please and try. ???!

Not make some of the courses so hard. Shorten tourney’s to 2 rounds cause I don’t have a lot of time.

More equality between Mouse and Keyboard- Gamers and Gamepads-Gamers!
And even more simulation

I think it’s frustrating being in CC-A as its so hard to get promoted to web with such low numbers of players. If we went to 2 seasons per year, with more demotions from web to CC it would open up more places in web for us to go at as I am sure there are very good players on CC who Re now blocked.

Otherwise , I think you guys do a fantastic job and just keep doing what you do, it’s much appreciated and it’s brilliant.

Quit constantly shuffling players, make a tour last for the season and make adjustments during off season

Full integration with The Golf Club. In-game menus, leader boards, stats, etc. Tgctours is the perfect competitive setup for The Golf Club and I would love to see it within the game.

I got promoted to PGA a few months ago and can’t compete with the best…so I’m having trouble keeping my interest now. Was much more active during my rise up the divisions

Urge people to stop creating or submitting courses with green that run like 13+ for the CC tour. Or maybe break off A and B and let them play them to work up to Web, but it kills most people in C-Z. There might be a few people that can putt that kind of green, but most can’t so they have zero chance, and likely could end up with strikes because of it.

Likely not possible but it’d be nice if the scoring was more realistic. Crazy to see scores like -50 but I think that’s a product of the gameplay, nothing you can do there.

I just joined TGCtours and brought 3 friends with me. This is probably the funnest multiplayer thing ever. Really well done and we love it. Only complaint is that with only one tournament per week, sometimes we wish there was more to play. That said I’m probably not in favor of shortening the seasons.

The forums seem kind of dead. We would like to see more stand-alone events organized. Like match play tournaments and the like

Can not complain think it is run very well.

I would like harder courses. Where getting a birdie is actually hard. Right now it’s like if you don’t go 10 under per round you can’t win.

Very happy with how it is now, just wish the game was more difficult to make scoring less ridiculous. HBs problem really πŸ™‚

Get rid of super firm greens for all tourneys. When you can’t land the ball on the green and have to land 15-20 yds short of green and hope to get a friendly bounce to get near hole is stupid. It’s not golf, it’s luck.

Courses should be fairer. Too many tours on unrealistic greens that only suit the guys at the top. Slower greens would allow most players to keep in touch.

Some courses have shadows on the greens which sometimes make it impossible to see the green and any break on it etc.
Very hard to compete with other players that score mid 50’s to very low 60’s and are -30/40 for tournament.
Scoring system etc and tours are very well organised and very enjoyable.

The introduction of Country Clubs would be a welcome addition and the development of True Sim.

Have more than one tournament per week.

Less penalties if you’ve failed to complete 4 rounds for genuine reason – e.g. illness, work commitments etc.

Country Clubs! Thanks for all you guys do. I would rarely ever play this game any more if it wasn’t for TGCTours.

myself and a group of friends play aids off, hardest swing, and do not use shot mods. therefore most stuff, includiing tgctours, hold no interest. we do expect to be ahead of the curve on tgc2 next year, when swing tempo and reduction of modifier is expected.

Create tee times to prevent certain players from exploiting the ghosts rounds. It is disheartening to know that there is no chance to win when certain players will wait to use your ghost rounds to better their own rounds. It is a huge issue. I attempted to post about changes but my post was quickly removed because of the clear anger I conveyed. There are options to defeat the issue but it will no doubt result in some members leaving the tours. It is a necessary change that will result in some casualties. I have been a member from nearly the beginning and I am considering leaving because of the unfair exploit.

I think it’s great.

Get HB Studios to improve the game, especially the putting, its the worst putting I have ever seen, the run off on the greens are very bad in MHO, I use to play this game alot but I have grown tired of it because of the greens, as for TGC Tours, I think you guys do a great job, I would love to come back and play again but until the game gets better its JNPG for me

Excellent Game. Got caught in the rocks bug one time so far. Teach me how to putt better! The game is very realistic. I Love it!

I am actually very pleased with the way TGC Tours is run. I like the changes just recently made in the Sponsor Ship Exemption. Since there are more Xbox and PS4 players than PC players might be nice to award according to the system being used. IE: 3 column 3 top winners in each League from each system. But that might be a lot of work and you guys. have enough to do! But it’s a thought . πŸ™‚

A specific WGR for true sim tour

You guys do an admirable job but TBH I don’t play TGC much anymore. Golf video games are getting pretty stale compared to so many other great games.

For me personally, I find the real-life courses (excluding Magnolia National) to be very bland and boring. I wish that the top tours’ tournaments featured more popular original designs from Canuck, Arctic Fury, and other top designers, because when you play RCR’s it feels like a boring -70 winning score Tiger Woods game. I don’t think TGCTours should be like that, and I would rather it be a game that showcases creativity and challenges the best players by throwing TGC exclusive courses at them.

With the occasional multi course event.

Real time score cards

The only real concern is, the strong penalty for hitting into the light rough. It should not affect your swing % as much as it does.
I love your game and there are a lot of us that play daily. We are all looking forward to playing “The Golf Club 2”. Along with all the new design extras.
Keep up the great work!
Thank you for the survey. I would be more then happy to give feedback at anytime.
Scott Davis
“The Hog 76” PS4 player.

More stats

Make sure promotions/exemptions don’t cancel out other special qualifications. Send reminders closer to deadline for special qualifications.

It seems a lot of people are in the wrong tour. I struggle to make the cut constantly and guys are shooting 57….. How? That guy should be on PGA.

-Don’t separate the best players into 2 tours (create a unified A-league)
-Daily 1 or 2 round tournaments
-More extreme/fantasy courses in the rotation (traditional courses are fine but we play them every single week)

not penalizing shots that end up on firat cut or light rough, seems like the amount of power needed to hit out of rough is a little unrealistic at times, also, the chipping is too difficult and needa to be tweaked to make it more realistic

You know I wouldn’t do a thing, what you folks have done is amazing… The Golf Club is successful in my opinion because of all of you. Thank you for everything

Not found much wrong as of yet, I’ve only been a member for a month or so. You guys do a fantastic job keeping this running, hats off! Keep up the good work

Upcoming releases needs to be an update to existing and not a new release.

Club House for players, Buy items with the money from tournaments, demotions in PGA/EURO/WEB (sometimes it feels like I’m playing for nothing), a new wig for Doyley.

I’d love more tournaments, but that is what Community Run Events, Speed Golf and TST are for πŸ˜‰

More tournaments and be able to play on European and PGA tour not just CC.

Better looking website, more modern.

More stats

Next to name have in brackets ps4 or Xbox gamer tag so friends can find each other.

It’s nice! Nothing to improve currently.

The way it is set up you have very little chance of advancing to higher tours unless you practice the same course multiple times before playing it “for real”. It takes the fun out of the game and makes it more of a chore. The game itself is fun. TGCTours is not.

Get HB studios to cut wind & some easier courses on Challenge Circuit.

Increase distance player hits and upgrade graphics

You all do a wonderful job engaging everyone and managing complaints and expectations. Monitoring of message boards and ensuring players of all levels can compete are the most important items in my mind. TGC is huge for me though and I love the competition. Thank you.

Open the windows for scores. I get dq’ed BC I get home late at times to find out the scoring option is closed

I’ve said I’d prefer shorter season’s,this isn’t Really important,what I’d like to see is more chances to have tournaments on the real courses such as St Andrews Augusta etc,the tour (s) are amazing and it’s a well run set’s an absolute joy for a golf gamer like myself ,well done ?β›³?

Have to understand people work, take holidays in the summer and maybe aren’t into playing Videos game in the summer months.

Depend more on the game, realistic tournaments rather than birdie fests every game, tighter working with HB on creating an on-game tour set up

Rankings within each tour instead of world rankings

the CC-Tour’s need to appeal to the player who wants the feeling of playing in a real competitive tour, but who lacks the time to improve skills as much as the players on the top tier tours.

Advancement through the tours should be easier than it was a year ago, where, admittedly, I gave up on playing because you had to play at such a high level for so long, it felt almost impossible to advance. By calling it a challenger tour, it made it seem less prestigious than the PGA or other top tier tours.

If you were to do away with the challenger label and make a fictional tour, it could help with the impression that if you’re not in the PGA, Web, or Euro tour, you’re not in a elite tour.

I can’t think of anything that needs improving. This site is why I play as much as I do. If pushed for a suggestion. Maybe combine a/b, c/d, e/z. Thanks for running such a great site.

I would just like to see TGC Tours in game

Quit with the constant firm and fast conditions on the pro tours. Or maybe create a more relaxed secondary tour for the pro players to play on that features less aggravating courses all the time. I love the competition but can’t stand the use of max firm courses all the time. I can’t drop down to Web because apparently I would be ‘too good’ but I hate 90% of the courses used on the PGA to the point where I don’t even want to play them. I’m stuck in the middle of no mans land with nothing to play.

I would make it a little bit like real golf by perhaps a cut level on all tours

Eliminate the strike system you currently employ as this is unfair for players who are not constantly on TGC. Employ a handicap to make each flight more even.

Continue updating when necessary.

I think the Q-School and promotion system could be clarified. As I went through Q-School and then played my first CC tournament last week, I found myself flying blind a few times, not entirely sure I was doing the right thing, and hoping I wasn’t screwing something up. Otherwise, TGCT is a wonderful idea and uses the best parts of online sports gaming

I have nothing but praise for TGCTours. I was already somewhat bored with the game before I found TGCTours. Now I play the game with most of my spare time. I honestly cannot say I know how I would improve upon TGCTours. It takes a lot of effort and time for those running it. And it is appreciated. The only improvements I can see will be from the game itself. It’s just too mathematical and less skill. TGC2 should make strides in that area. But as far as TGCTours…Bravo!!!

I have no complaints. You guys do a great job. Only suggestion would be season long stats ranked by player.

I love the format and web page..i would like to see Ryder Cup format over all tours and levels.

Better integrations between site and game, senior or champions tour (age 50+), and more consideration on tournament courses (no gimmicky courses or poorly designed tracks)

I wouldn’t πŸ™‚

Kick out cheaters

The overall concept is great and you guys do a fantastic job running it. I stopped playing TGC Tours a while back… I’m a +12.1 handicap in the game so I’m pretty good, better than most players. But I was constantly getting hammered by the best players on the PGA and Euro tours. I felt like I was stuck, not good enough to win on the big tours but probably wouldn’t enjoy playing the lower competition on challenge circuits. The tours likely need to be broken up by some form of a handicap system in order to keep the interest level for most players

I hate the thught that people use calculators ad formula’s to work out what club to hit and the game basically becomes a mechanical maths machine. I know there is no way of stopping it but its a shame.

i would also like to see a few more courses from all over the world feature.

TGC Tours implemented directly to game.

four round tournaments are too time consuming.
it is no fun when you need to constantly score 13 under to have a chance to win or move up.

I would like to have the demotion strikes at a lower percentage than 50%, maybe 30%

My biggest problem is in the jump from CC-Z to CC-E having such a big difference in skill level.

I could be the best player in CC-Z and be 20 strokes off the pace in CC-E. As a result, it doesn’t feel very naturally progressive as far as skill is concerned. I would like the tiers to be more suited to my skill so I can find a tier I can feel like I’m on even level in, even if I’m not winning.

I think everyone involved does great work. I know it’s time consuming. My beef is mostly with courses being chosen. I feel as though most of the time the CC tour gets some of the hardest courses.. I’m not opposed to a challenge, but the challenge for us already exists. Hence the reason we’re on the lower tour. I don’t think we need PGA caliber courses. I also do t like promotions and strikes rules. If you get promoted, you should be able to stay there. I get why you’re doing it, but look at the euromtour, I saw last week maybe 50 people played. The strikes, please do away. If people aren’t interested who care. You don’t fill events up every week anyway. My main beef though is the promotions. Like me I worked hard to get from b- a and that lasted one week. It’s deflating and it makes me lose interest.

More player or non-official tournaments – stablefords, match play, teams, etc. – that don’t impact our ranking but are just for fun. Maybe with prizes of mentioning the winners on the 19th Hole Podcast, or an exemption for the winners on the official tour, etc.

Find a way to integrate the Tgc tours into the game. If this requires made up names instead of pga etc I would still favor having it all integrated in game. Standing submitting scores etc would all be seen on the actual game interface rather then online.

Regardless I had played Tgc for a while and then finally found Tgc tours after browsing the net. Since finding it, it has made the game ten fold better and provided an experience unlike any other game. I believe it should be promoted more (in game immediately) since it is such a great community and an absolute success. Can’t wait for TGC 2!!

Keep up the great work!!! Loving the set up!

I don’t think my opinion really matters

I’ve got nothing…you’re doing a great job

I don’t have any suggestion yet. I’m still a new user.

I wouldn’t! Best gaming experience I’ve ever been apart of or seen. It’s GREAT!

Country clubs!

Split CC. cc-a,b and c play Web level courses. D,e and z play easy ones.

Possibly merge cca and b..only around 70 players each week on cca, with 50% strike line its tough to progress.

Lower % on strikes in A and B. Movement through the tiers is going backwards, more down in CCd than higher up. My idea is to have CCA full with people waiting to get into Web.

Raise CCA Web exemptions %. On average only 3-4 people ever get a crack on exemption to Web. Maybe bring back a Web B tier to accomodate people who get in from A and keep each Web tier at a decent level to account to cut lines.

Promote me to Web, for the good of the site. I’m kidding around on this last point. lol

I like it just fine as it is – I expect improvements will be made naturally,as time goes on.

Maybe another CC flight. Haven’t been around long enough to really know for sure.

Seems to be great as is.

The only thing I see that’s missing is some kind of a major cash prize tournament like madden runs every year. Host it in Vegas and get all the real players to show, might even get on ESPN.

Not a lot I can think of, you guys do a great job of improving it yourselves!

When you mouse over a members name their in game alias pops up & vice versa.

It’s difficult to suggest improvement but some way of either introducing/including/involving Golf club setups. I’m in Golf club called the Pondsmashers and we compete in our own tournaments as well as the TGC ones but it would be nice to compete as a team/club.

I would like to see a choice of drivers,hybrid,woods etc i.e. different loft’s as you would get in real life so you could fit your bag out as you wish.

Not allow tour players to be paired with the ghost(s) of other players. I feel that it makes it easier for the players that play later to “watch” how to play a hole. I play all my rounds on the first Saturday and Sunday the events are available. Lots of round I am the first to complete and in turn play with no ghosts.

On multi pin events only changing pin locations not course conditions ( most people have not the time to practice the Thurs/Fri/Sat & Sun then playing the actual event as some course conditions have changed dramatically is. must have had a mega hitwave over night then tremendous rain the next night )

I would use a handicap system, keep everyone in their respective tours that they qualified for through Q-School throughout the year, then demote or promote at the end of the season based on their handicap. That way, everyone has a chance to compete at the level that they qualified for each week, instead of being bounced around continuously throughout the year.

I think having the option to just select the tour in game and have some tracking available in game would be nice. This isn’t possible in the current game but it sounds like this may be doable in the sequel. The ability to not have to always submit scores on the website would be nice, but again this may or may not be doable in the sequel

At this point, I really can’t think of anything besides, and this might already be a thing, maybe having a way to have people play in groups during the tourney and create a live leaderboard to add to the drama of the weekend.

All in all, TGC Tours has made The Golf Club so much more fun than it already was, even though I’m getting my butt handed to me almost every week in the PGA haha. Keep up the great work!

With regards to splitting one season into 2. I answered don’t care but I do care!! I would support either option. The season is long and right know their are some run away performers so 2 seasons could be beneficial but I do like how we mirror the real life calendar! I’m a regular TGC Tours member and player and despite my recent form I will continue to be, supporting you guys in whatever decisions you make going forward in order to grow and expand but maybe freshening things up to keep it interest for us border line guys!

Cut back on the crazy pin placements with a side of 10% slope from 3ft away too

The greens need to be more fair especially for cc group. To me I think the slopes of the greens need to be more consistent rather than not.

I’ve found the done of the course designs especially the greens extremely poor – need work

Have cut earlier in the week.

Everybody should have the same condition on the courses, especially the wind for beginners not 26 m/h for example (CC-C groups). This is anoying as it is too dificult to get a higher tour card. Also there should be a cut implemented again and not 4 rounds for all. This is why I currently do not play any TGC tours anymore but rather prefer to play internal tournaments within my community. Also there should be incentives like win a car for a whole in one.

I stopped playing at all because the penalties were not finishing were exceptionally harsh. Sometimes I play a round or two, realize I won’t be competitive, and just want to walk away and not deal with the frustration.

It’s also very difficult for me to get registered for the weekly tournaments consistently knowing that sometimes I won’t get to play even one round…

I’m happy with how it is at the moment.

Very happy as they are.They add a lot to the

show tour scores as they are played. the current system is ok but I would like it better if standings were updated daily.
if I play 3 rounds in one day they should in standings immediately.. no biggie either way. it’s all good!

Break up the CC division into 2 separate tours.

Possibly have 2 web equivalent tours that feed directly into Euro and PGA .

Give me a Euro card for all my services!

Deligate the work load more as it’s insane the work the few staff do!!!

Actually having 2 seasons per annum is a great idea ! It will keep the tiers better balanced!!!! Who came up with that one??

This is probably an anonymous survey but this is Moe πŸ™‚ .

And Doyley has more of my ideas in his in box haha!

Trust me in saying all you guys deserve a wage for the work you do!


Dont know if ira possible but aboutie maie ut easier to Check back tour score tourna entre once you want to go back ans check your score

Was doing well when the tour started but as time has gone by my interest in the tour has waned. Dial a distance over lofting of clubs and tricked up courses took a lot of the fun out the game. Became almost work to play my rounds. Have not played an event in about 3 months.

Smaller groupings per tour.

Admin. & the support team do a awesome job.The only idea I would have would be a Q-school for existing members.This would be different than new members who are qualifying for a tour card level.This would held at the end of the yearly season.It would not mandatory to enter.Those members who would not want to participate would stay at current level for the next season.Those who would want to participate would surrender there current level with a chance to earn a higher level based on their finish.I would have it 8 rounds on courses that admin.would agree on. Thx’s. , Leo

More organized activity beyond the Tour, with four-ball, Stableford, etc., events with official “club” squads, with standings, trophies and the like. It would be fantastic, too, to have a once-a-year gathering in a major city for a TGC Tours party/conference.

Mobile site would be great!

Not much id change

Have rounds end at the end of the day on Sunday instead of Saturday, that way people who are busy during the week have the entire weekend to play, rather than just Saturday.

Not sure it’s possible or legal but some type of gambling/matchmaking option

Make the clear cut line a little higher

Being able to play with “ghost” players of the same level as me. It’s frustrating to ghost play “guys” with a score of -25 or -30 when I barely can reach -5 to -10.

Be placed in a tour in which I have a good chance to win or finish top 10. I’m in the PGA tour and ranked about 150. Seldom place top 50 and often miss cut.

I feel like the “tour” courses were made impossibly hard to prevent low scoring or to make it incredibly difficult to score low. I would much prefer the casual or regular versions of the courses rather than the lightning fast greens, brutal winds, and extra long fairways that seems to accompany playing competitively. Or at the very least, if there could just be a casual tour. I don’t mind losing if I’m not as good as someone else, but I don’t want to lose because someone has broken the game. And the brutal courses take the fun out of playing for me. Thanks guys.

I would consider making it easier to get in the PGA/EURO and easier to get demoted. By this I mean, I feel like right now, there is a bunch of PGA/EURO players that were fortunate enough to get there early and are hanging onto their cards. At this point, I feel like it is very difficult to move down from there and hard to move up from the WEB. I would like to see it made easier to get to the top tours.
Let me explain why. I am an avid PGA fan & enjoy watching the PGA on TV and going to tournaments. I really would like to play on the same level as the pros. For the C & WEB tournaments, they have no meaning, they are just tournaments. I like that TGCTOURS follows the PGA/EURO but I feel like I am missing out on that part of the fun. Sure, I could just play in those tournament (and sometimes do) but as a walk-on, it is not as fun.
Let me offer some possible solutions: 1. Increase the allowable players in the PRO Tours & loosen promotion criteria. 2. Make secondary tournaments that are during major weeks eligible for promotion. This would make the week(s) prior to those tournaments more important. 3. Hold some random qualifiers throughout the year or have a few Pro tournaments open to everyone. Maybe like Pebble Beach or TPC Sawgrass. Top X amount of non-PGA/EURO get auto exemption. 4. Bump the top X amount of players to the next level maybe 4 times a year. So the top players in each
Another thing that I would like to see taken under consideration is the Max field in tournaments. I don’t see any reason why some of these tournaments cannot have more participants. For me, I am a WEB player that has cracked the top 10-20 a bunch of times but I have only received one exemption. It is tough but I think I would enjoy the game more if I have a few more opportunities to try at the PGA/EURO.

I love it. Longest ive ever played a game. Any other game would of been returned by now. Tgctours keeps me comig back time and time again. Im not sure i know of any way to improve it.

when the tour say cc-e is finished say week 23. It would be nice if you could play that tour even if your in cc-z tour to see how you get on against the closed field. that would help me practice more

You guys ‘are doing a great job; can’t think of anything to add.

I would have the top CC tour tournaments have cuts after two rounds and make the playing conditions a bit more difficult.

When TGC2 comes out, support a TGC1 tour for those of us whose computers might not be strong enough for TGC2. We have no idea of the requirements but right now TGC1 is really stressing video boards. If TGC2 is more intense, we’d either have to upgrade or buy a PS4 or XBOne. A TGC1 tour would solve this, at least in the short term.

Make everyone go through q school again.

better choices for the courses picked. They seem to be chosen for the better players. ie green speeds and layout of the greens some are impossible to make a good score on. ie elevation is so drastic on some it ruins your hole game on one or two of the greens ie bad elevation.

Personally would love to play more courses that aren’t real life courses. Looking to the future I’m not sure if I want to play the same courses year after year. I understand the want to make this as realistic as possible but the unique part about this game is its huge golf course data base, and id love to see that utilised. There’s so many great courses out there that I think many would rather play

better course selection. Seems that the courses selected are for the more advanced players. Also better selection of courses, some of these are almost impossible to make a decent score on. ie the elevation on some of the greens are so drastic that it is impossible to make par on. This gets frustrating as your doing great until you get one or two of these on the course and it completely wrecks your score.

Cut down on the severe winds. I really hate them when there 15+

It’s been awesome so far. Nothing comes to mind that could make it better.

I’d play TGC even w/o tours b/c I’m so enthralled w/ the designer. That being said TGCT, and the community of players who support it are a wonderful add to the game.

I’m still brand new so as of now I can’t think of anything. We did A LOT of other small games inside the game when I ran my Madden league (we made gambling odds on games that I set myself and than the players had play money they could “gamble” with and even setup a fantasy football league based off our sim leagues stats) which might be cool here but I don’t know because it was A LOT of extra work for my cocommish and me but it made it even more interactive and guys were even more involved and in turn I had a long list of alternates who wanted into our league. But from what I see it looks pretty awesome so far!

Possibly a handicap system may be usefull for players like myself with limited ability so i would be playing against potentially the same category of ability

Don’t mess with perfection

take the scores right from the game not have to log in and do it manually.

I’d like to see even more stats especially to help with how you rank over the season against other players, putting GIR etc. Integrate RRCC into TgCT and use it as a platform to show off courses.

There is absolutely nothing that needs improving in regards to TGC Tours imo.

The actual gameplay on the other hand, could definitely use some work. The online multiplayer/lobby option needs a complete overhaul. I almost never play online with friends, and there’s no option to just play rounds with random people. I’d also like to see the ability to consistently control less than 100% swings, more realistic lofting of shots so you can’t loft up a 3 iron to spin like a sand wedge or hit a sw 180yds, options for some character attributes or at least be able to choose more clubs and clothing, an actual driving range option with practice putting and chipping greens and be able to tweak the clubs in your bag and their specs. Also an option to play practice rounds with mulligans, and options to tweak/delete published courses would greatly improve the game.

I know you guys don’t have input on those changes, and these suggestions fall on deaf ears at the developers over on HB forums. I think TGC could be THE BEST golf game of all time, if the dev’s were a little more open minded and listened to their customers.

Less tournements in the summer months,I’am busy in the summer and it’s hard for me to play.

Better looking website, more modern.

More stats

Next to name have in brackets ps4 or Xbox gamer tag so friends can find each other.

Love it

To play courses that are relevant for that week ie links parkland desert ect or the actual course the pros play whenever possible.

You guys are doing a tremendous job. I can think of improvements to the game itself, but not to TGC Tours.


Since no one gets paid at TGC Tours you should charge a yearly membership fee to help offset any costs that might occur. The people who run TGC Tours should be proud of what they have created, you all do such a great job running it. I enjoy playing in the CC Tour and it can be improved by breaking down the abilities of all the players by having courses geared to their ranking within CC Tour. For example CC-A thru C should play a course geared to their ability and CC-D thru Z should do likewise. TGC Tours is the best.

Since no one gets paid at TGC Tours you should charge a yearly membership fee to help offset any costs that might occur. The people who run TGC Tours should be proud of what they have created, you all do such a great job running it. I enjoy playing in the CC Tour and it can be improved by breaking down the abilities of all the players by having courses geared to their ranking within CC Tour. For example CC-A thru C should play a course geared to their ability and CC-D thru Z should do likewise. TGC Tours is the best.

Players shooting in the low 50s gives not many people a chance I’m in the wrong tour for my ability in the game I’ve found it so frustrating that I can shoot a 66 and then an 80 it makes no sense at all being able to review where you are ability wise possibly every quarter would be so much better

Overall I’m very happy with the game. However, you’re missing 2 essential things: a dedicated driving range with distance markers, and a big putting green with multiple pins. The range could be multiplayer with a chat option. That’s it, that’s all I personally would like to see.

Everything I would have liked you to add is coming in the golf club 2!

Great game. Would just change swing dynamics and make a little harder scoring. Chipping in close to green is fairly easy. Love the game. Only PS4 game I play
Ryan Tyrrell

i am not online anymore and miss playing the game just having $ problems
i played a lot when i had my ps4 going

No sure!

You guys do a fantastic job over there!

have a putting camera from the perspective of the golfers eyes, so you looking at the ball from above or something close to that

Can’t think of anything

It started out great and was having lots of fun but after a while the game just felt like it was scripted or I was being cheated somehow. I could not compete at all after one of the updates. Sorry just being honest. I still love the game and still play the core game. Nice job putting it together. For now I’ll pass on thc tours. Not really sure what would make it better. I really don’t know how some people shoot the scores they do.



more stats for the season and career.

Alt shot please

Have “Monday” qualifiers befor each tournament

Simplify the way that a tour is joined – maybe less website involvement – if i could do it all through the game that would be great

Before it starts, you can click ‘view player field’ in the tournament details screen, but this option disappears once the tourney begins.
I like to use ghost balls of the closest players to my score on days 2-4 of the event, but to do so I have to click on every name in the leaderboard to find out their platform and user id.
I can still direct my browser to, but it would be helpful if there was still a link to this page.

I think the boys are doing an amazing job, I would maybe try and get out two podcast a week, maybe one at the half way point and then one at, the end of the tournament, player interview on the forum somewhere after each tournament maybe interview the winners or something?

It’s great. Love it!

I’m just so happy to have found you all in the last three months, nothing to improve at this point. It would be good to have a handicap tour as well and a more regional option eg a Pacific Tour for a Kiwis Aussies, Asian Tout etc. Would be good to have ability to compete in more than 1 event a week.

For someone thats always bouncing back and forth between circuits its a bit tiring. Ive yet to win 1 thing and havent technically gotten better so i dont see the point in “leveling up” to a harder tier
I mean if u can win consistently at the bottom what makes u belong at the top….?!
Clearly someone who finishes 20-40 place in 1 tier cant finish top 10 or 5 or 3 in the next one up
Boring playing week after week knowing there is no shot in hell of winning anything because of how the system is setup
Its like your really just competing against the course and you could do that all by yourself without the tour and forum
I find it actually more fun to setup my own tourny to coincide w real life tourneys and play to compete w them on my own hard selected settings
Its more of a challenge and rewarding plus realistic

more chances for lower tours to take on higher tours

I believe it is doing pretty well in its current format.

There’s nothing I can do or even think of to improve the incredible work TGC Tours do for us.

Make the tours more tiered. There’s no way that a guy struggling to make a cut like me is going to contends with the top guys. Make it a smaller size and combine the top two tours. If you have to call it something else that’s fine but having 2 “equal” top tours just makes it harder for the average player to want to keep playing. I always will but I wouldn’t be shocked if people stopped playing because when you play really well and may get a t-50th its a little disheartening.

For me it would be a faster turn around of events, say 5 days not 7, but I understand the difficulties this would present both to admin and some participants. You do a great job guys – keep it up. I, and many others I suspect, would gladly pay for the privilege of being a member of TGCTours. Thank you.

System controllers are not equal. Maybe separate tours based on system

maybe set up so instead of always playing singles you can play teams in multiple alt shot that kind of thing similar to ryder cup..if you want you could take a look at links 2k3 and see how they do it..or you could contact me and I could give you a name to get hold of

The top players are soo consistant and have the math down to T. Maybe make it so the swing has to be almost perfect to hit your spot on the green. Or maybe take the loft percentages away. Something so every shot can’t be so perfect. You guys are doing an awsome job with the tours

lock in the tours for a season. Maybe two seasons per year would be the answer. To many players passing thru your tour every week.

I put down cc-z , but I don’t belong to a tour.

Incorporate TGC Tours with the game, so there would be no need to enter your scores via computer after every round.

I don’t have any complaints. I think you guys/gals do a great job of making it competitive and keeping it fun and very professionally organized. Your tour is why I bought the game. My only complaints would be for the game itself and some of the course designs (corrections here and there) but not your tour. Keep up the good work!

1. Chipping is overpowered and the reason I temporarily quit. I hope HB fixes it.

Highlight more/different players each week, especially those who are progressing very quickly (their journey from the bottom to the top). The top guys are always gonna be there. It’s nice to hear about other fellow players trying their best to break through.

Seems very well thought out and smartly done. Any improvements would just be minor tweaks if any.

I wouldn’t. It is great the way it is

It would be awesome to have a chat room or the ability to challenge someone to match play and have individual stats for matches against other players. I think The Golf Club 2 societies will help a lot with that, and I’m really hoping you guys upgrade to The Golf Club 2 or make different tours for The Golf Club 2.

My opinion is that TGC Tours has done a great job incorporating all forms of media into the tour. From the podcast to TGCTLIVE and the forums you guys are doing great.

Have a tour that is only 2 rounds per week. Sometimes 4 rounds is too much on a weekly basis. Extend the play to allow for rounds to be finished on Sunday night EST.

Change pin locations every round. Use higher purse amounts.

don’t think there is much than can be improved. its the best run site I have had the pleasure of being involved in, keep up the great work

It’s perfect now.

no idea sorry guys

its gr8 πŸ™‚

Maybe a few more stats and graphs if possible. Also comparing two players stats, etc.

Not sure anything needs improving especially from the tours stand point. This is an amazing feature to an incredible game.

I am a beginner and just feeling my way at the moment. I can’t really make a comment until I understand it more.

I’m pretty happy as it is.

I’t’s fine as it is.

simplify how it functions. implement live online play with a lobby system to play others live. otherwise very nice product.

Have it accessible through the game itself,hopefully TGC 2 will incorporate it?.

no comment

Make it easier!

Turn the zoom camera off on PGA/Euro tours.

Faster loading and smoother play. I like the no nonsense approach to the game design. ?! Go Play!!!

Make it a little more realistic in the sense that an 8 iron doesn’t run on 15-20 yards just to make the course more difficult…isn’t real golf playing shots to the rough and people chipping in for fun

Make my 9 hole tournament an official thing πŸ˜‰

Better integration with game (I appreciate you don’t have direct control of this). More side competitions for all levels. More stats.

Maybe could clear out players that are inactive for 6 months not really fair on people who play a lot for promotion.

No sure!

You guys do a fantastic job over there!

Lower the wind down in tour

More detailed API data – specifically to identify and punish those who play a tour and do not submit their score (currently possible through late registration). I expect that this is widespread and is unfair on honest players. TGC Tours is a fantastic, but the opportunity for players to cheat dampens the experience.

I think it is OK as it is, may be better having a few more divisions and more people of the same level playing in the divisions, not sure how some constantly get such high scores.

Make the weekly tour easier to find on the Golf Club Menu.
Integrate more with Golf club – if possible

i would like to see more information about the course before teeing off…wind conditions,green speeds, firmness etc. This would make opening holes less of a lottery/gamble.

Vigorous removal of the straight shooters I still see plenty on the PC

Not sure I could, it’s pretty bloody good!

I haven’t played in a long time due to personal commitments, but my recollection is that I found locating the right course for my scheduled game somewhat clunky – perhaps if you could streamline this process?
Although I am familiar with the lexicon of golf, I also found some of the terminology confusing (e.g. what is a flight?)

I’m happy with everything. Thank you for all the time effort and work that all you guys put in.

Allow chipping on the greens in tournaments

I seem to be a solid “D” level golfer. I like the realism and challenge of TGC and based on my scores (against other playing TGC) I don’t think I’ll ever advance….but please don’t mess up a good thing because a few folks feel the game it too difficult….I’m hoping I can still get better.

Two events per week. First lasting from Sunday to Wednesday. Second from Thursday to Sunday. If you want to keep 7 day tournaments you can just run them concurrently. Whatever works to make sure people can still do all their rounds on the weekend if needed. One of these two tours can even use same course set each year once set so people don’t have to be rangering new courses all the time.

Allow players to see all posted scores immediately if they want to by clicking a specific link they wouldn’t ever click accidentally.

Exemption requirements from cc-a to Web are too restrictive now. There are plenty of guys on A who are just as good as Web players,but finishing in the top 3 seems like luck at this point with the margin for error being so thin.

More stats. Ability to compare individual player stats immediately.

Platform specific stats/awards if possible. Quickly be able to tell who was the best player per week on pc/xbone/ps4.

I would consider some sort of rule change for a player that crushes the field at the challenge circuit level. If a player from C literally has the best score on all the challenge circuit in a given week (beating everyone from A as well) I would move them to A.

More match play tournaments for all tours, in addition to standard tourneys.

Once you reach PGA tour, it should be harder to lose your status. Getting there is too tough. You should just be able to have fun and play once you are there, not having to be worried about losing status at the end of the year and having to start the drudgery over again.

Players playing the tour but not submitting scores.



I think the Tour is run incredibly well.

I think the game needs some minor improvements, which seem to be coming with TGC2 – so I would say that you guys are a doing a fantastic job.

Hold course & thank you.


It was very confusing at first getting started finding out HOW to start and WHERE to go to start. Also I injured my foot and it has to stay elevated, yet if I w/d from a tourney, I get a DQ. I think you shouldn’t penalize so harshly for W/D from a single tournament.

I think the majors should have the final round delayed until the weekend. Post a new tournament for the final round, starting on Saturday. That way people will feel the “pressure” of having a lead or being a few strokes back

keep doing what you guys do.

Order of merit doesn’t really work for the lower rated tours as there is to much moving about with promotion/demotion.

I would like to see the scoring for all 4 rounds be posted day one if u have completed them.

Allow the user the ability to tune his/hers bag to the way they want it. Basically, make it like Tiger Woods PGA Tour. That would gain more of my interest. Without the abilities that TWPGA has/had in their system is what made that such a GREAT franchise. But, u guys do what you do, and that is make a game that “only a purest love”.

How to putt like people who birdie every hole 101? There should be a book on that written by the person who does that.

Too many extremely low scores from ps4 users. I can’t compete

I’d like to see more Pro Tours as feeders to the 3 Pro Tours. Above Challenge Circuit but below the 3 major tours

example: Canadian Tour(Mackenzie Tour), Seniors Tour

It’s pretty much perfect.

TGC Tours has always been run near perfect and with great fairness.. It’s the actual game that needs work

You seem to be using concrete greens of late I’m personally getting a bit bored of hitting a ball and hopefully get a good bounce as you can’t land it on the green and stop it

have alternate shot and more match play

Nothing of note.

No suggestions. I haven’t played your tours in a while and need to requalify and just don’t have the wherewithal to go through Q school again.

Maybe make it a little easier to move up the ranks.

While the site is already doing a great job, I’m always looking for more stats. But I don’t know what exactly is doable/possible with the API in its current state.

As the theme of the tours is to constantly improve, that is what I would change. Some or should I say quite a few who play on the tours would be more than happy to just stay in one place as opposed to constantly being bounced back and forth. Some of us reach a plateau, and just don’t get any better.
That is strongly how I feel, about what needs to change.

I love it, it’s great πŸ˜‰
To improve: If there are rules changes, “Info, Rules, and Policies” should be updated immediatly.
There are often rule changes and I suppose not everyone is following the forum discussions close enough …..
Maybe there have been rule changes too fequently, even if they’ve brought substantial improvements, … maybe a bit confusing. This is a game where people can have long term goals, so there should be a certain stabilitiy in the rules …

playing live against real opponents

I think you people do a lot of good work and it obviously involves a lot of man hours. I can’t see much room for improvement. My only comment would be that simulated tournament scores are vastly better than real life tournament scores.

Some greens are far to hard & no chance of holding them.but great work overall thank you for your hard work

Remove some aids so that scores in th
e 50’s aren’t more common than scores in the 70’s. It really makes me want to just stay in CC-E or CC-D.

Cant think of anything at the moment that needs improvement

Not really sure. Incredibly impressed with all you guys do with this place. Wish there was a way to level the playing field a little. The top guys in this game are too good. It seems they are playing a different game or doing things I can’t (or are unwilling to do) like lofted 3 irons and super calculated flop shots. You have to jack up the difficulty of courses in a futile attempt to limit their scores but that makes it brutally unforgiving for someone like me. I still enjoy playing and play almost every tournament I can, but I had more fun week to week last year on the Tour.

I would add Monday qualifiers to Professional events for CC players to try and qualify into the “Open” events. Eventually I would add a Hall of fame. Would like to see a Defending champion on the active tournament page. You guys are doing a fantastic job though. I would try to pick some nicer courses for the tournaments though. I know there are a ton out there and several in recent history haven’t been very nice.

More info about the course conditions in the lead up to the round you are about to embark on!!

Not having the first tour event hosted on one of my courses cancelled after finally getting it excepted on the web tour, LOL.

On occasional weeks, I would post a selection of courses for people to vote on for that week. Might stop some of the moaning about course selection!

Try to make it more even. I usually end tournament around 10 under and you have people shooting 25 to 35 under. When is that ever going to happen in real life.

A crowd for sure. We need excitement. The only thing this game is missing is the fans. Fans are most important in golf! Cmon man!

Mandatory weeks off for competitors

Not have two “equal tours” at the top. Try to get away from the “cartoon” or tricked up courses (TGC2 will help this I think).

1. ADDITIONAL TOUR: Add a “Fantasy Tour” with really creative courses (e.g. The Rookery, Hoodoo Hills Remastered, Aladin G&CC or even more fantastic).

2. MONEY/COMMERCIALIZATION: Try to stay small as a community and don’t push expansion to the limit! Avoid “commerzialisation” as long as possible. I would understand that you look into a “more commercial application” of this great site at some point, but think this would destroy its spirit. Try to avoid it as long as possible.

3. PROMOTIONS: Restrict the amount of promotions for new entry players can a given time frame (lets say max. 4 promotions per season, max. 1 promotion per month, etc). Another idea would be (at least for the pro leagues) that promotions must be earned via consistent performance during three consecutive tournaments.

I know this will be a real long shot but will ask. Develop a single player experience with adjustable AI for people of all skill levels. If a player could use TGC Tours as a reference to make their own season/course list. Along with any course that was in the game, promoted or not.

Even if just starting out small with a google or other spreadsheet program. There are a few out there but nothing that can be used with the game other then plugging in your scores.

A great example of AI and season/career tied in was PGA 2000. It was a simple program that worked well. Granted you had to make adjustments on your own when you wanted to change scores, but it worked quite well. The range and random factors would give scoring that felt like a true tour and not always the same names at the top.

If it catches on you could improve upon it. Making the AI score according to your conditions and what range they are originally set at. For example playing at a tough course you have the range set for -6 to +10 per round. In windy conditions that number could change to -3 to +16.

This theory would be for just AI that is on the leaderboard(would be up to HB if they ever make bots to play).

Could also make it that you could invite your friends or leave it open to anyone. I think I would play TGC tours in it’s current version if I had this to play as well.

There are just too many unrealistic scores. I can shoot low but try and use workarounds to make the game harder. I don’t know how but more levels down below might help, and not auto promotions unless you win a certain amount.

If you made it this far thanks for reading. I know most just want to shoot 10 to 15 under or it’s not a game to them. However there are lower skilled players, along with ones that have some who still would love to see this great game have a career in single player.

HB may be bringing it back and coincide with societies, but I believe it going to just be the same set scores. Only getting harder by moving up a level and then playing against a lower list and so on.

Thanks for your time.

More or less power on the drivers


it would be nice if the game was more realistic. But TGC tours is good the way it is.

Next to Greg Norman Course Designer,on main menu page,have TGC Tours logo,click on TGC tours logo,and it will send you to that weeks PGA,Euro,Web,etc matches.

Make it a little easier to move up to Web,PGA,,Euro leagues from the circuit league

Put the top 250 in the WGR in their own tour say PGA then the lesser players might have a chance of being competitive in the rest.

I always feel to keep this sort of thing going you need to do as much for the lesser players as you do for the top players. I notice you do a Ryder cup a presidents cup wgc etc etc but not much going on for the amateur tours ie a walker cup and I don’t know if you already do this but shouldn’t a certain amount of amateur golfers be in the majors?

Permanently ban known cheats, Use less courses with max concrete green firmness

Not reveal leaderboards until after the round deadline has expired, e.g. Reveal R2 scores at midnight on Friday.

I know that it would be difficult for the staff to do this, but give the players in the lower ranks (CC-E, CC-Z) some special events of their own where they can compete with players of their own skill levels,( ie. Match Play Events, Ryder Cup type events, etc.) and not get blown away by the better CC-D and Upwards players. Maybe a tourney where the higher average scores that are listed in the division rankings are used to determine the field. Maybe a Best of the Worst tourney, but Irving R. Levine is not allowed to play…ha ha……..A lot of us less skilled players yearn for a tourney of our own!!………But, I am aware that this is a very difficult thing to do because of the limits of the staff and the effort required to put something like this together. A lot of the less skilled players are becoming inactive or have left because of not having something just for their own skill levels and are tired of getting beat by 50 or more strokes. Just a pipe dream on my part……..thanks for the opportunity to say this………..

A larger open tournament once a week along side the traditional tours

Select tour courses from a wider range of designers

Add more events to the CC Tours to mimic the Pro Tours more (i.e. CC Tour Masters, CC Tour Open, etc…)

Some how making it easy for beginners!

Some how making it easy for beginners! Automatic registration so you can play if you forget to register, and not punished if you register and do not play!

Integrated within the game itself without the need to submit scores via the website.

Option to play a practise round on a tour’s course (selected as an option on the tour menu screen before teeing off).

Leaderboard showing the tour’s overall scores, not just the current day.

Hope these are coming in The Golf Club 2.

Possibly a Ryder Cup type tour featuring players at top of the money list at the end of the year, European tour vs US players

For playing for some prizes.

For playing for some prizes.

Be able to change the scores you’ve submitted. I have submitted the wrong score i.e. thinking i am submitting round 3 score and it is actually round 2 and am unable to change it even though I know i made a mistake.

No real issues for me. Love it.

Nothing I can think of, you guys are doing a great job!

Avoid players being able to decide whether or not they submit scores depending on how well they’ve played. I doubt this happens often but the opportunity should not be there.

Pick courses to use based on difficulty, not how PRETTY they are ,and no repeat courses, if they are in the data base use them.

In-game seems very inconsistent(rolls, putts, green speeds, slope effects, winds).

Rate courses on completion of round 4 scorecard.

– Include broader range of cumulative career/season stats (e.g. sand saves, distance from hole [par 3s], etc.)
– Maybe organize regional (city/area) in-person meetups/socials/events
– Maybe take players in CC flights Z and E more into consideration, perhaps with only easier courses for their tours. Honing your TGC skills takes time, and maybe a more gently graduated system would both promote joining, and improve member retention in the early stages.

2 events per week! By the time I finish my four rounds I’m craving an opportunity to play another.