Speed Golf…15 minutes of fun!

Golf is generally a slow sport. It takes time and concentration to hit that perfect drive or sink that long putt. TGC Speed Golf creator Matt Lazell (we all know his as Fuzion on the forums) ┬átakes that concept and flips it on it’s head. Speed golf has been around for a few weeks here at TGCTours, with players attempting to play through 18 holes as quick as they can and with the best score possible. Both time and score are taken into account to give you a “final” time, so players must weigh the balance between rushing through, or taking a bit more time. Do I bomb this drive down the fairway without the scout cam? Or do I take that extra 2-3 seconds to ensure I will stay clear of hazards? How much time should I look at this putt? You are left with these decisions and more on every hole.

Buckle up for Speed Golf!

I have played speed golf almost every week so far. My speed golf style is more on the “grip it and rip it” side of things. I use the scout cam sparingly, but take a bit more time on putts. Not using the scout cam can be risky, but the payoff is a very quick hole and potentially a birdie if you line things up properly.

However, there is one thing about speed golf that angers me like no other…landing your ball on a very slight hill and agonizingly watch it roll downwards. When this happens, it can be game over, so maybe take a bit more time and avoid those hills!

Speed golf is a fun little distraction from the main tours here at TGCT. It’s unconventional, but fun trying to shave seconds off your last round and continuing to score well. Take 15-20 minutes out of your week and load it up! See you out there! Check out the Speed Golf board on the forums for more info.

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  1. dm on October 6, 2015 at 7:59 pm

    TGC should also add golf carts, and the Ariel Atom should be one of them!

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