Season 2 is here! 5 Tips on making your TGCTours experience even more enjoyable

It’s finally here. It feels like it has been ages since I have played a tournament round here at TGCTours, with my season finishing with the final tournament at Dubai on the European Tour. I really felt like I finished last season strong, and I just missed cracking the top 100 on the World Golf Rankings. Even more heartbreaking, my rival, Keith Callahan (who many of you know as HB_Keith) finished ONE spot ahead of me in the WGR. ONE! With the thousands of players on tour, the guy I have been chatting with, comparing scores with, and trash talking with all year beat me by one place. Pretty crazy.  All that is behind me now, and I’m ready for a fresh start…I’ve been playing a bunch of practice rounds getting ready for my PGA and TST tournaments this week (which I don’t normally do) and have been playing pretty well. I get genuinely excited for Friday evenings when the tournaments open and I can start playing (I stream all my tournament rounds on the TGCTLive channel on twitch, stop by and say hi!). Wow, I just realized how lame that sounded. Just a few years ago, I was excited for Friday nights for COMPLETELY different reasons.

Dawn breaks on Season 2.

Why am I so excited to play some video game golf rounds where I stand almost no chance in winning and if I do win, I get nothing? Easy. I’m invested in this site and the community. I like the mix of social and competitive play. If you are looking to start Season 2 fresh and are hoping to dive deeper into the world that is TGCTours….here are my 5 tips.

  1. Read the forums– There always seems to be something new and interesting on the forums. Take a quick peek and see what’s new. You might find a new course to play, or playing tip you can use.
  2. Post!- Don’t just read the forums, post in them as well! Provide feedback on a course, offer constructive criticisms, weigh in on an issue, discuss your tournament rounds. Just do it maturely and don’t go overboard right off the bat.
  3. Stream!- Get on twitch and stream your tournament rounds! You don’t have to be on webcam or even speaking, but interacting with your audience makes it so much more fun. I’m hoping we can get lots of streamers this year playing at the same time…then viewers can use the multitwitch feature to watch multiple streams at once!
  4. Find a Rival– Find someone you may or may not know that is similar in skill level to you and make them your rival. Let’s be realistic. 95% of us here will never win a tournament, so find someone (or a group of people) and set goals to take them down. One step at a time. You’re going DOWN Keith!
  5. Try all the Tours- In addition to our main tours, we also have two new ones, Speed Golf and True Sim. At least give them a try. Who knows, they may be your new favorite way to play!

Have any other tips for enjoying TGCTours? Post in the comments below!


Good luck to all in Season 2. See you out there!

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  1. Dean Huddleston on October 8, 2015 at 3:14 am

    Good post Andre. TGC is very good, TGCT is excellent but adding the forum/community to this is the final piece in the jigsaw. I’ve made some good connections with people on here who I deemed to be my rivals but most quickly left me languishing in the CC tour for pastures new. I’m hoping to catch some of them up in the CC Championship.

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