Maximizing the TGC Tours Official Course List

Are there over 90,000 courses available in The Golf Club now? Or have we eclipsed the 100,000 mark already?


Whether you know the official count or not, the oversaturation of courses available in the game is a well-known issue. The crew at HB Studios has made strides to provide a more powerful search function within the game, but it can still be difficult to locate a new and interesting course to play without having to sift through dozens and dozens of courses of the dreaded “auto-gen” variety. If you are a designer, getting your course played and recognized can be a particularly defeating endeavor.


The best resource available for discovering courses in The Golf Club remains the Official Course List here at TGC Tours.


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Why is this the best database available for The Golf Club? Here are a few reasons:

  1. The database is fully sortable by different categories, including Theme and Designer.
  2. Having trouble keeping up with new releases? Sort the database using the Date column to see a listing of latest releases.
  3. There are a number of pre-created filters available, such as Tour Courses and Real Courses.
  4. Worried about auto-gens? There are none here, as all submitted courses are playtested before they reach the course database.
  5. By clicking on a course, you can get pertinent information about the course, including length, settings, pictures, more courses by the designer, and reviews from TGCT members.


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The quality of the database maintained by TGC Tours relies on the participation of TGCT members, namely in regards to Likes and Reviews for courses. The Like system has identified some of the best and most “classic” courses available in TGC, but unfortunately the participation has waned since the system’s inception, as evidenced by the fact that despite the advancement of features available in the GNCD course creator, resulting in ever-increasing quality in course design, the first 2 pages of most-Liked courses only features 2 courses created within the last 4 months, and only a handful more if you include the last 7 months.


How can you contribute to help keep this database as the premier source for TGC course discovery? It’s simple, use the “Like” feature, and leave a short Review for each course you play.


When should I Like a course?

I would recommend being more generous than judicious when it comes to Likes. A course doesn’t have to be in your Top 10, or even your Top 100, to deserve a Like. If it is enjoyable to play, or is visually appealing, or if it has any kind of redeeming quality that reflects a respectable effort made by the designer, give it a Like. Don’t worry, the very best courses will still rise to the top, the generally good courses will receive a moderate amount of Likes, and the lesser quality courses will stay near the bottom.


The added benefit will be that when sorting by Theme, or Real Courses, or even if you just want to see a designer’s best courses, it will be easy to see which courses should be must plays on your list, and may help you identify a course that you hadn’t heard of before.



What constitutes a good review?

A good course review doesn’t have to be several paragraphs long, nor does it have to include breathtaking prose. It can, and likely should be, direct and to the point. How did it look? How did it play? Were there any issues? Avoid hyperbole. And lastly, even if you did not enjoy the course, look for at least one positive of the course to highlight, if possible. None of us are golf course architects, so providing encouragement helps keep us humble as reviewers, and gives the designer the motivation to continue designing and improving.




Have suggestions for improving the course database, finding undiscovered gems, or helping designers get their courses noticed? Leave a comment here or in the forums! We are always looking to improve.



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