Course Reviews – August 10th

In an uncharacteristically quick turnaround for me, here are 5 new course reviews. These quick new additions can be attributed to my latest endeavor, the CLV Course Review society, currently on PC. If any followers of my reviews wish to create and maintain this society on PS4 or Xbox, please feel free to reach out to me and we can coordinate.


Bicho de Sete Cabecas – antonioscarpacci – Tier 3

Sharp, clean lines define the holes at this course, while the entire perimeter and many other areas of the course are punctuated by a rock wall that I don’t even want to think about how long it took to build. Overall it’s not a showstopper, but one of the more pleasant courses visually in the game. The course is long at 7500 yards from the tips, and due to some tight landing areas that made a 3 wood a safer play off of the tee, it can play even longer than the scorecard indicates. Despite these long approaches, I found the greens designed in a way to accept and really reward well played shots into the green. I had a handful of approach shots with woods in my hand that I was able to put close for really satisfying results. Perhaps this won’t translate to every wind condition, but for my round I came away very pleased.


Mt. Kessler – jacobkessler – Play Worthy

This mountainy course alternates between relatively flat holes and those with massive drops from tee to green, resulting in some of the longest drives you will hit in the game. The difference between mountain and valley actually reminds me of Alberta, Canada, really. Overall the setting can be a little unrealistic in some areas, while others really do give you a sense of place in the mountains. The holes themselves don’t have the amount of polish as some of the higher ranked courses, with the bunkers being a little flatish as the most glaring instance, but it doesn’t take away from the atmosphere of the course. I’d definitely recommend giving this one a look for a different TGC experience.


Victory Village – tastegw – Tier 3

This is a strong entry to the TGC Official catalog. The dunes built alongside and between each hole in this Delta theme look very natural, not too big or too small, while the details around the perimeter are as intricate and entertaining as ever. The course really plays strong here, as well, with a traditional looking design that uses angles very nicely to challenge the golfer from tee to green. Most of the greens here are heavily sloped from back to front, so you would do well to shoot for the straightest, most uphill putt you can find on each hole.


Vallentuna Golfklubb – Sweden – mikemike3000 – Tier 3

This is a top notch and believable real course recreation. This one won’t overwhelm you at only 6600 yards, but it demands accuracy off the tee due to narrow and dogleg fairways. It’s very easy to get into scramble mode here if you start to go wayward. If you can stay on the short grass, though, then this course opens itself to some very low scores. In many ways, it has an ultrarealistic feel not of a tour course, but of a top rate local course. Kudos to the designer for the fantastic job of capturing that feeling.


Topaz Lagoon – SAM – Tier 1

If you are looking for a challenging course, especially off of the tee, then take a look at Topaz Lagoon. The fairways have been designed with the use of doglegs, narrowness, trees, water, and slopes with the intention of causing you to find trouble off of the tee. A few might have felt borderline to me, but overall I think if you go into the round with the right mindset, there are no holes that really seem unfair or poorly done. It’s really not a bad design, although one of my gripes would be a little bit of an overeliance on split fairways, especially on the front 9. My main gripe, though, is that I hit what I believe to be 9 out of 18 approaches with a 5 iron. Great designs make you use every club in the bag, and this one hit the same note a few too many times to move farther up the rankings.

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