Course Profile: Tye Dunes

Tye Dunes

Designer: Patrick Yates

Theme: Highlands

Firm / Speed: Firm / Fast

Top 100 Ranking (February ’16): 4th




Designer Feature: Patrick Yates


What was your goal or intention for the course when you started?

The course started life in HB’s 3 hole knockout tournament so it started with what I felt were 3 strong holes and an interesting plot. The dunes were clearly the primary visual feature for the course but I also wanted to carry that feel through to the rest of the course. I wanted to be able to set it up for a range of difficulties but the ultimate goal was to be able to put out a firm and fast but fair course that would interest the top tours.


Were there any real life courses or locations that inspired your course?

The setting is entirely fictional but I take a lot of inspiration from the British links courses I’ve played in real life. In particular I love the way Royal St David’s on the Welsh coast and Prince’s in Kent weave their way over and around the natural sand dunes. Otherwise I aimed for natural looking geographical features but packed into a smaller area than may be realistic to keep things interesting.




What is your favorite hole on the course?

I’m very fond of a lot of the holes but strategically I love the par 5 2nd. The best option from the tee depends on the pin position, wind and the players ability to shot shape. Watching people approaching the same hole different ways is very rewarding as a designer.




What’s next?

All my courses so far have been pretty tough so I’ve set myself the challenge of making a fun course for all the various skill levels of TGCTs Challenge Circuit. I have actually stripped Tye Dunes back to the bare plot as the setting for this course, it has produced interesting results and will be out soon. I have several fantasy courses part finished but I’m about ready to start on my next challenging course.


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