Course Profile: Skull Valley Golf Club – Outlaw Course

Skull Valley Golf Club – Outlaw Course

Designer: Steve Pope

Theme: Desert

Firm / Speed: Med / Med-Fast





Designer’s Notes: Skull Valley Golf Club is going to be a 36 hole complex after all is said and done. The Outlaw course has tight landing areas that place a premium on Driver play but gives you plenty of room if you use a 3 wood or less.


The Outlaw course is open for play at this time with the Posse Course being built as we speak. You can see the Posse being built to the right of hole #7 during the flyover of the hole. Enjoy!





Quick Review Notes: The desert theme in The Golf Club lends itself to courses with plenty of space, and this one uses it very well. With the exception of a few tight tee shots, there is fairway everywhere on this course, and a variety of ways to play this course differently with each round and each wind condition. This is my kind of course, and a great display of how to make a course with plenty of width and options while still providing a challenge.





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