Course Profile: Pebble Beach Golf Links (blacks)

Pebble Beach Golf Links (blacks)

Designer: Brandon Pugh

Theme: Tropical

Firm / Speed: Med / Med-Fast

Top 100 Ranking: 7th (November 2015)




Designer’s Notes: I have been wanting to remake my Pebble Beach for a long time. After making Firestone, I felt pretty good with taking it on. Used a lot of the same technics that I did with Firestone, only addition was that I had an old Tiger Woods to play along with, this helped me get all the elevations and greens pretty close. This is my all time favorite golf course, and it was a lot of fun remaking it! Hope you enjoy!


The U.S. Open was first held at Pebble Beach in 1972, won by Jack Nicklaus, who captured his 11th major title (of an eventual 18) as a professional. It was an historically important win, as Nicklaus tied Bobby Jones with 13 major titles. Nicklaus secured the victory with one of the most famous golf shots of all time. He arrived at the 17th tee facing deteriorating weather and a brisk wind on the challenging par-3 hole. Nicklaus hit a dead-perfect 1-iron that bounced once and struck the flagstick; it came to rest next to the cup for a tap-in birdie. Now its your turn to come to Pebble Beach and make your own history! Luckily you won’t have to pay the $495 green fees plus $35 for a cart! Enjoy!




Quick Review Notes: The best creation of Pebble Beach to date. The use of the Tropical theme was well done, mixed with good lighting to really bring out the Pebble atmosphere. The signature holes were very well done here, expecially #7, and I enjoyed the stone retaining wall on the 18th, even if it didn’t look exactly right. A few holes on the back 9 I wasn’t sure about, especially the 14th, from an accuracy standpoint, but then again that stretch has always had trouble holding up against the cliff side holes in real life anyways (Some of these issues have been addressed in later releases, I believe). Taken as a whole this is a quality rendition and should satisfy nearly everyone’s desires to play Pebble in TGC.




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  1. Chief Banks on December 16, 2015 at 11:34 am

    Excellent read for an excellent course. I am thankful for The Golf Club game, it’s community and it’s range of such talented designers.

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