Course Profile: Oceanic Athletic Club / Promenade Golf Club

This week is a special double course profile for designer Adam Benjamin, who has built an impressive and incredibly creative portfolio in The Golf Club. Here are his two highest rated courses in the Top 100 that I have played so far.


Oceanic Athletic Club

Theme: Highlands

Firm / Speed: Med / Fast

Top 100 Ranking (March 16): 2nd






Designer Showcase: Adam Benjamin


How would you describe your design style, or your intentions when creating a course?

I would say my design style is fairly versatile and changes depending on what type of course I’m making. I create both realistic and fantasy type courses. Courses with big elevation changes and some with little elevation. Even in the planting department, I’ve released a few courses such as Promenade and Empyreal Hills that do not have a large amount of planting. Generally speaking though, I like to create memorable courses.


When designing a course I usually start with some sort of theme. For example the theme for Promenade was “elegance”, which is reflected in the oversized marble-like cart paths, soft beautiful lighting and fancy bunkering. Ocean Athletic Club is more of a “hidden gem” theme. Created in the 1960’s with the idea of being a 5 star resort, the dream never fully came to a reality. Although somewhat forgotten the course still attracts a cult following due to it’s unique design and atmosphere.


Basically, I try to tell a story with each course I create.


Are there any real life locations that inspire your designs, or do you try to create landscapes that are unlike any real golf course in the world?

Absolutely. For Freshwater Golf Club I took the small fishing community in which I lived (Freshwater, Newfoundland, Canada) and created a golf course in it. In Newfoundland there’s a ton of fields and pastures that run along the ocean. As a teen I would take my lawn mower and create courses along the shore line, even digging real bunkers. A lot of my course design is inspired by homemade golf holes I’ve created in real life.


Promenade Golf Club

Theme: Tropical

Firm / Speed: Med / Fast (187)

Top 100 Ranking (March 16): 14th






Between Oceanic and Promenade, did either one provide a more memorable design experience for you? Or does any one thing about either course stand out to you?

Oceanic Athletic Club was one of the more memorable experiences for me. It has a lot of unique design elements not only within the course but around it. I was very happy with the environment I created and believe it helped immerse the player into the experience.


What are your favorite or most memorable holes on each course?

#13 on Promenade. I like the bunkering and the ability to cut off distance by taking the on bunkers. The second shot into the sunset is nice as well. For Oceanic I would say number 18. I think the view makes for a pleasant finish.


What’s next?

Well, I just released my newest course Phantom’s Pass. I’m extremely proud of how that course turned out. I actually think it’s one of the best courses I ever made. I’m currently working on a new course and I’m about half way done. This will be a very unique experience with a lot of inspiration taken from Oceanic Athletic Club. Basically with this newest course I’ve tried to create a new theme. I think those who liked Oceanic might like this one as well.

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