Course Profile: Loa Pali Golf Resort

Loa Pali Golf Resort

Designer: Dario Logan

Theme: Tropical

Firm / Speed: Med / Med-Slow





Designer’s Notes: It is a 7000 yard, par 71 design, covering a hilly Monterey-style coastal terrain. The greens are pretty undulated, but the course plays soft and the greens are medium-slow.

I’ve booked you all rooms in the lodges off the third and ninth fairways, and after your round you can enjoy the spa behind the 18th green.

Hope you enjoy!





Quick Review Notes: 18 perfectly placed holes. Seriously, you couldn’t get a better visual from the tee and on the approach to the green if you tried. They are so good that’s it’s almost unrealistic… you couldn’t find that many perfect holes on real terrain. The course starts easy and then gradually increases in difficulty throughout the round, making for an easier round, but enough suspense at the end to sustain a tournament.





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