Course Profile: Elmsley Island

I’m introducing a new feature here to go along with my Course Discovery thread over at the HB forums. I will try to backfill most of the courses that I have already played, and will post any new courses that I play going forward. I look forward to helping everyone get some visibility for their courses.


Elmsley Island

Designer: Chris Lane

Theme: Links

Firm / Speed: Med / Med-Fast





Designer’s notes: Elmsley Island is a hybrid track with the style of a traditional rural course mixed with that of a links layout. Precision driving is not a critical factor for scoring low as the fairways are quite wide and forgiving. However, precision iron play is a must to navigate the fairly quick greens. Several of the par 4’s are longer than average and can’t be reached in a headwind. This is offset by easy par 5’s and generally flat greens throughout the entire course. A few holes have difficult pin positions on hard slopes that can make par quite a struggle. But as mentioned, this is offset by fairly easy putts for birdies on other holes. All together, this leaves a nice balance across the course.





Quick Review Notes: It takes a lot to pull a really nice looking course out of the Links theme, and this one doesn’t quite get the job done, being an earlier release. It suffers a bit from autogen rocks everywhere, random gorse, and shallow bunkers. Where it does excel, however, is as a wide and playable Links course in any wind, with just enough humps and bumps in the greens to make them challenging.





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Host of 2015 AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open (Euro Tour)




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