Course Profile: Boardmans Bush

Boardmans Bush Resort

Designer: “forresty2k”

Theme: Autumn

Firm / Speed: Med / Med (approximate)





Designer’s Notes: It’s a challenging 18 hole course based around a lake and a mountainside. I’ve spent 100’s of hours balancing it out and decorating it and I’d appreciate it if you could all give it a try. The course name is ‘Boardmans Bush Resort’, not the best name I know, but I Wanted to include mine and my friends name in the title (He helped me test it through its many iterations and supported me through its development.)

Thanks again guys and I look forward to reading your feedback and discussing the course!





Quick Review Notes: I had heard good things about this course coming in as a fantasy course, so I expected something really “out there”. This course really only makes a run at pure fantasy at the occasional hole here and there, though, such as the 10th hole featuring a 600+ foot drop off of the tee. Many of the holes are quite regular, with a few extreme elevation changes and frequent use of water. This course lacks the polish and realism to be considered with the top realistic courses, and perhaps not bold or out there enough to be considered one of the top fantasy courses. It lays somewhere in between, as a decent course to play but not quite among the best in either the realistic or fantasy category.






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