CLV Course Reviews – July 6th

I wasn’t sure how I felt about the addition of societies, and maybe I still don’t know how I feel, but one positive of them from my standpoint is the ability to play in numerous short events across multiple societies. This fits pretty nicely with my lack of commitment to any particular tour or a regular schedule. Therefore, societies have been the dominant form of my early round plays in the game. The downside is that the courses chosen for those events seem to be from a small handful of designers, which directly contradicts my previous statement of trying hard to spread around my plays among many designers.


As a result, I will be holding on to some reviews that I have already done in order to spread them around. Some others will be published right away, though, so please note that I am fully aware that I am breaking my own policy… for now.


Turu Weru – Reebdoog, ErnieTheWels & Staypuft39 – Pantheon

Turu Weru could be a spitting image of Sebonack Golf Club. The textures, planting, and lighting really highlight the best of the game. The design is up to snuff with Sebnack, too, offering wide but twisting fairways that offer countless angles into the rolling and tumbling greens. One of the best in TGC1, and probably TGC2, as well.


Royal Ethalwind – arcticfury – Pantheon

The undisputed leader of course planting and creating the most realistic environment possible. Each plot, not just the course itself, but the entire plot, is presented with immaculate and ultrarealistic detail. This course goes the extra mile, though, with the introduction of the innovative pot bunker style that you will need to see for yourself. An extremely playable course, but your approach shots must be precise to stay below the hole.


Mein-Notchurs Municipal G.C. – Ddawg – Tier 2

A nice parkland style course that is fairly straightforward in design, save for a handful of dogleg holes on the course. The immensely believable neighborhood environment should make for a good setting for tournament rounds and casual rounds alike.


Soggy Bottom – ADX – No Ranking

I debated whether or not I should post courses that fall into the No Ranking category, but ultimately I’ve decided on posting. Soggy Bottom appears to be a straight port over from TGC1. Unfortunately in the process, it seems that several autogen trees have appeared in several unwanted places, including in front of a few tees and at least one green. As currently constructed, I cannot recommend the course, but the layout is good enough to be play worthy should an updated version be released.


The Sandbelt – rjwils30 – Tier 3

Visually striking from the first tee. The color choices combined with the MacKenzie-stlye bunkers immediately evoke visions of the course’s namesake Australian environment. There are more twists and turns in these holes than I have seen in quite awhile, yet the course remains believable and playable for the most part. For my part, I think this course could easily be included among the visual landmarks of the series.


My Releases

Here I’ll keep an updated account of my own course releases.

Magnolia National Par 3 Course

I like the way this one plays in the new settings. The firm setting no longer rockets balls around, so sticking your short irons should be easier. The downhill putts are so slick, though, so stay below the hole. Most importantly, the 9th hole now plays much more accurately, and it’s much easier to use the slope effectively to go for an ace. Two pins and one set of tees are available.


Magnolia National (1st Ed.)

The first edition is due to more updates being needed on holes 5-18, but the course still plays well with the new settings. Greens are much easier to hold, but again, being above the hole is brutal. Three tees are available (tips, a 200 or so yard shorter set, and the much shorter member tees) along with 4 pins corresponding with the 2017 Masters.


St. Andrews Links – Old Course

This was a pretty straight port over from TGC1. Four sets of tees are available, along with 4 pins.


  1. Jacob Kessler on July 6, 2017 at 12:06 pm

    A review of Mt. Kessler would be great and highly appreciated!

  2. Antonio Scarpacci on July 6, 2017 at 2:04 pm

    A clv society to run events in conjunction with your reviews would be something I’d be into. Any plans for something like that?

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