Chambers Bay Last Look – Hole Rankings




Thanks to all of the plays from the great community involved with The Golf Club, all of the versions of Chambers Bay in the game became handicap ranked after last week’s US Open. Using the USGA’s outstanding Chambers Bay course section on their website, we are able to see just how difficult that each hole played at each pin location during each day. Let’s take a look at Chambers Bay, WA (Sunday) and see how the TGC community played it compared to the pros.


Hole 1

Sunday (Par 4) – 5th hardest

TGC (Sunday – Par 4) – 8th

This pin: Back left – Friday (Par 5) – 15th


The 1st hole played as a par 4 on Sunday as I hoped it would, and the 1st proved to be a much more difficult hole as a par 4, as expected. The back left pin was used on Friday when the hole was a par 5, and made for a much easier start to the round.



Hole 2

Sunday – 10th

TGC – 14th

This pin: Front left – Thursday – 12th


The back half of the 2nd green provided the most difficult pin locations on Saturday and Sunday (7th and 10th), while the front and middle was much more accessible (12th and 14th). The TGC golfers found the front left pin to be slightly harder than the pros, who likely can spin the ball a bit better.



Hole 3

Sunday – 9th

TGC – 4th

This pin: Not used


The front right pin was a challenge in TGC, and one that even the USGA wouldn’t touch. The pros found this hole much easier, never playing harder than 9th as it did on Sunday.



Hole 4

Sunday – 2nd

TGC – 2nd

This pin: Front right – Sunday – 2nd


The 4th was either the 1st or 2nd most difficult for 3 of the 4 days in the US Open. The USGA actually broke out the front right pin twice here, including on Sunday. This pin caused trouble for pros and TGC golfers alike.



Hole 5

Sunday – 4th

TGC – 10th

This pin: Center – Sunday – 4th


A win for TGC here. Video game golfers scored much better on this pin than the pros did on Sunday. Let’s assume it was due to broccoli greens.



Hole 6

Sunday – 12th

TGC – 16th

This pin: Back left – Saturday – 9th


I’m surprised by the very strong performance by TGC golfers on this long, difficult hole. Not only did they play the hole better on Sunday, but they outperformed the pros on the back left pin by a wide margin.



Hole 7

Sunday – 3rd

TGC – 6th

This pin: Back center – Saturday – 3rd


The stretch of 4-7 was the toughest for the pros, while the TGC community played these holes quite well. The back 9 proved to be where some of the toughest holes were located on Sunday in TGC.



Hole 8

Sunday – 18th

TGC – 18th

This pin: Middle right – Thursday – 17th


This was an easy hole, any way you look at it. The hole was 17th or 18th each day for the pros.



Hole 9

Sunday – Low Tee – 14th

TGC – Low Tee – 12th

This pin: Back left – Low Tee – Sunday – 14th


A match on both the use of the low tee and the back left pin, the pros fared slightly better due to use of the backstop behind the hole. This was the easiest location for the pros by far, as the hole averaged either 5th or 7th on the first 3 days.



Hole 10

Sunday – 13th

TGC – 10th

This pin: Not used


The right side pin just beyond the bunker was one that the USGA decided to pass on. Sunday was the easiest for the pros, with the hole playing 9th, 9th, and 10th on the other 3 days and a close match to the TGC group.



Hole 11

Sunday – 1st

TGC – 11th

This pin: Middle left – Saturday – 2nd


Given the length of this hole and tough pin position, a surprisingly good performance by the TGC community. I saw lots of good usage of the right sideboard to get close to pin here.



Hole 12

Sunday – 17th

TGC – 17th

This pin: Front left – Fri & Sun – 18th & 17th


Another match here between the pros and TGC. This hole helped contribute to the most eagles ever in a U.S. Open, along with the 8th hole.



Hole 13

Sunday – 6th

TGC – 11th

This pin: Back right – Friday – 4th


Strong performance by the TGC golfers given the hole length, and even stronger at this pin location. This was a tough hole for the pros, even with the widest US Open fairway ever.



Hole 14

Sunday – 7th

TGC – 1st

This pin: Back left – Saturday – 4th


The length of the 14th caused a lot of problems in TGC, as the hole played from the back tee. The pros, on the other hand, could take on the center bunker and get a large kick forward by clearing it. The back left pin was the toughest for the pros all week here, though.



Hole 15

Sunday – 11th

TGC – 9th

This pin: Back right – Friday – 13th


A difficult hole location in TGC, the pros fared much better here on Sunday and especially on Friday at this back right pin.



Hole 16

Sunday – 15th

TGC – 7th

This pin: Back – Sunday – 15th


One of the greatest disparities on the course here. While a difficult pin position for all on the narrow back section of the green, the pros scored well on this driveable par 4. It played much longer in TGC, and landing near the pin was next to impossible.



Hole 17

Sunday – 8th

TGC – 5th

This pin: Right center – Thursday – 7th


Any pins on the right plateau of this green were touted as impossible to get near, and the predictions were just about right. We saw a pin here on Thursday and on Sunday, with the Sunday tee being much closer, and only a handful of pros were able to get close. In TGC, this pin was completely off limits on Sunday.



Hole 18

Sunday – Par 5 – 16th

TGC – Par 5 – 15th

This pin: Front right – Par 5 – Sat – 16th


The 18th played consistently across 3 days as the 16th ranked hole when playing as a par 5. The one day as a par 4 saw it playing as the 5th toughest hole. Hardly worthy of the fuss that was made over the hole, and may have ultimately led it to playing as a par 5 on Sunday. It proved for an exciting finish, however, and played roughly the same in TGC.

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