Chambers Bay – Hole 2

Hole 2 – Foxy



With the 2nd already being a short hole and with limited options off of the tee, this hole should play fairly similar across all 4 days. The difference will be in the pin positions on the back half and the front half of the green. Regardless of the setup, though, this is a birdie hole and perhaps the easiest on the course.


Setup 1 – (~400 yards) – Back right pin

The main features off of the tee are the large left bunker that comes into play at roughly 280 yards, and the spine located at A in the middle of the fairway. The spine, bunker, and tilt of the green conspire to leave one smart play off of the tee, regardless of where the tee is located. That area is at B, the left fairway short of the bunker. This leaves the best angle in to a green tilted from right to left and with a large kickboard on the right. Playing towards the right side of the fairway brings no benefit whatsoever, and the right rough is the worst miss off of the tee.




The back right pin here is fairly accessible, as even when laying up short and left, the player will still have a wedge at most to the pin. The back half of the green runs away from the player, while the front half is heavily tilted from back to front, and the right to left tilt is ever present. Any shots that leak to the left or catch the kickboard on the right could potentially end up all of the way in the back left quadrant of the green, leaving a steep and slow putt back up the slope.




Setup 2 – (~410 yards) – Back left pin

At it’s longest, this hole probably can’t be stretched any longer than 410 yards from the back tee location to the back left pin. Even at this length, the tee shot is still a layup to the left side of the fairway. The player may be tempted to play to the right for a better look at the back left flag, but the tilt of the green makes it quite easy to play for the middle of the green and bank the approach shot to the bank left. This should be the easiest setup for this hole and yield the most birdies.





Setup 3 – (~370 yards) – Front left pin

The one significant change that the USGA could make on the 2nd tee is to move it forward, making it possible to easily clear the left bunker to reach the neck of fairway short and right of the green. This is a narrow target to shoot for, and with such a short approach to the front pin, there is not much to gain in risking a difficult drive.





The added difficulty of the front pin locations is due to the steep dropoff in front of the green. Any balls catching this slope can easily be drawn back into the bunker. A small knob on the front left corner adds to the difficulty of the front left pin. Shots to front pin locations will need to challenge the front edge of the green to get close to the pin, or otherwise face a steep downhill putt that could easily be putted off of the green.





Setup 4 – (~410 yards) – Front right pin

The front right pin should play as the most difficult location. This is due to the right to left tilt of the green, along with the steep front of the green. Of all pin locations, this is the most important to approach from as far left as possible.




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