Chambers Bay 2nd Round Pins

New pins are out as play is underway on round 2:




Let’s take a look:


Hole 1 – Sun – I had this hole location tabbed as a tough Sunday pin for the hole as a par 4. As a par 5 this pin should be quite a bit easier. The back left falloff still looms, but players should all have wedges in their hands instead of long irons.

Hole 2 – New/Sun – Can’t tell if this is a back right location, or a middle location near the back. If it looms just above the ridge that will send balls to the back left, then this could be a very tough pin. The right slope might be too hard to use to get the ball close.

Hole 3 – New/Thurs – This pin appears to be tucked way in the back left, bringing the back collection area into play.

Hole 4 – Sun – Very surprised to see this pin on Friday, as I thought for sure it was a Sunday pin. Could we see it twice? Yardage for today is listed at 495… I don’t see how anyone can put their approach on the same section of the green as the pin today.

Hole 5 – Fri – My first correct pin. Should be fairly easy for this green.

Hole 6 – Thurs – With the hole playing 495, this is a long haul today. The back right pin brings the right bunker into play, which is a definite must-avoid.

Hole 7 – Fri/Sun – I can’t tell exactly how close this pin is to the front slope, but it should definitely be more in play today than yesterday. I expect to see a lot of players long and right here.

Hole 8 – Sun – This front pin might be a bit tricky with the slope on the front right. Many players found that slope yesterday, and the pin is even closer to it today.

Hole 9 – New – Listed at 230, I believe we will be seeing the high back tee today. This section of the green runs away and to the right, so distance control will be key. I expected to potentially see some creative use of the left slope, if it is not too hard.

Hole 10 – Sat – A tougher pin than day 1, this location is right near a slope that feeds directly into the bunker.

Hole 11 – Fri – Second correct pin of the day. This pin brings the left slope into play, so we may see many more players facing difficult up and downs from 30-40 yards left and below the green.

Hole 12 – Thurs – In early coverage I’ve seen players finding the back tier and the high right tier, so finding the right section of the green is important.

Hole 13 – Sun – This hole is playing at 537 today, which is incredible. I would expect to see many players off of the back of this green, as finding the front bunker or right swale area is very undesirable.

Hole 14 – Thurs – There is a front left collection area on this green, so it doesn’t seem too difficult, but the best angle is definitely from the left, so players might take on the bunker or play way right, leaving a very long approach.

Hole 15 – Sun – Playing at 139 today, which I would expect with this pin. A mound just in front and a falloff back right makes this very tough. Expect most to play for the middle and 2-putt.

Hole 16 – Fri – An easier pin I think. Players can use left slope to get close, or wedge to the middle of the green.

Hole 17 – Thurs/Sat – The back of the green falls away a bit, I believe, so staying short of this hole for an uphill putt is key. Easier said than done at 218 yards.

Hole 18 – Thurs – This should be the most forgiving pin when the hole is playing as a par 4.


Just 3 definitive hits on Friday pins. I am surprised, though, to see a lot of pins that I would have expected on Sunday. It appears that the USGA has much more sinister plans than I do. I have a long ways to go if I plan to take Mike Davis’ job!

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