Chambers Bay 1st Round Pins

Courtesy of Justin Rose




Here’s a little comparison to the Chambers Bay, WA (Thursday) version in The Golf Club, and some thoughts on each pin.


Hole 1: Thurs – Playing as a par 4 = evil!
Hole 2: Thurs (I think) – Tucked pretty close to edge, will depend on where tee is. Pretty evil if back tee.
Hole 3: Thurs – Tucked a little closer to bunker than mine, but still an easier pin
Hole 4: Fri or Sat (can’t remember) – Should have lots of downhill putts from the back left
Hole 5: Somewhere between Sun and Thurs – Didn’t know a pin could go here. Might see balls off of the back of the green if they go for this one.
Hole 6: Sat (I think) – I had this pin with a shorter tee, we will have to see where the tee is today. Balls that end up above this hole are toast.
Hole 7: Thurs – Tucked way closer to the edge than I imagined. Not sure how to even keep a ball near that pin without rolling off of the left edge.
Hole 8: Thurs – Hopefully coupled with a reachable tee. Should see plenty of players off of the right side of the green.
Hole 9: Thurs – Should be fun with a high tee, or impossible with a low tee
Hole 10: Fri or Sat – Had this one with a shorter tee. Wedges hit to this pin could spin back off of the green and way down the fairway.
Hole 11: Thurs – Should be one of the easier pins, I would think
Hole 12: Sat – Tough to play the slope here to reach the back plateau without rolling back down to the front of the green. Could see many 3 putts… or worse.
Hole 13: Fri (or maybe Sat) – Tough pin tucked right behind the bunker. I had more front left near the false front, but we could still maybe see that pin this week.
Hole 14: Fri or Sat – Can’t quite tell if this will be in the back right valley or on the ridge just before it. The valley would be much easier than the ridge.
Hole 15: New – Will be interesting to see if they go long tee or not. Not sure if you can get to this pin from the way back.
Hole 16: Thurs or Fri – Very close to the right edge, should see some balls roll into the bunker.
Hole 17: Sun – Didn’t think we would see the right plateau this early. You literally can’t hit at this flag.
Hole 18: New – Didn’t know a pin could go here. Should be bumped up right against a slope in the back left. Playing as a par 5, this could perhaps be one of the easier pins on the green.

Without seeing the exact holes yet, it’s looking like Chambers Bay, WA (Thursday) has about a third or so of the correct pins.

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