Canuck’s Designers to Watch (May)

I can’t believe it’s the end of May already. Lots of excitement as we are approaching “major season”. As always, some great new courses were released, with some new and established designers stepping to the forefront. Here’s who stuck out for me this month

Trey Coursey (Stormgolf73)

When a man literally has the word “course” in his name, he is destined to be a top designer. Trey has proven himself to be just that. One of the best RCR creators in TGC, as well as the member who pioneered the “tracing” technique to make accurate real life courses, Trey is an invaluable member to the TGC community. This month, he released his newest, Trump National Philadelphia.

Notable Courses: Southern Hills Country Club (7.6 Rating; 642 Plays-multipin), Glaveston C.C. (9 hole par 3) (7.4 Rating; 300 Plays-multipin)

Newest Course: Trump National Philadelphia

Trump National Philadelphia by Trey Coursey

Michael Engleder (Mike15)

Michael has been designing for a while now, and his courses never disappoint with a great mix of variety as well as beauty. You will know Michael’s courses as they have a unique style…and every course seems to have the word “Diamond” in it! His latest, Diamond National Golfpark is no exception.

Notable Courses: Royal Diamond Golf & Country Club (7.5 Rating 850 plays – multipin)   Diamond Farms Golf & Country Club (6.5 Rating, 170 Plays-multipin)

Newest Course: Diamond National Golfpark

Diamond National Golfpark – by Michael Engleder

 Dale Burger  (Coruler2)

In my opinion, Dale is one of the most underrated designers in the game. All his courses are fantastic and continue to get better. Not sure how he manages to pull off being an excellent designer and hold down a top 20 WGR at the same time! Check out his latest, Starla Park Country Club.

Notable Courses: Eagleton Bend Resort (7.3 Rating; 6.3K Plays) Fire Rock Ranch (7.5 Rating; 608 Plays)

Newest Course: Starla Park Country Club

Starla Park Country Club – by Dale Burger

Pablo Alonso (Pablo)

Pablo is a dedicated reviewer here at TGCTours, and it seems to be rubbing off into his own courses. They are very well thought out, widely varied and fun to play. His newest, Suny Golf, displays all those characteristics.

Notable Courses: The Barnacle – Forest (7.4 Rating; 214 Plays)- Multipin,  Muniellos Country Club (6.7 Rating; 52 Plays)

Newest Course: Suny Golf

Suny Golf – by Pablo Alonso

Jason Wert (IrvingRLevine)

Since Irving has been whining and complaining about not being on any lists of mine, I figured he has waited long enough…in all seriousness, Jason is beginning to emerge as a quality designer here at TGC. Jason is known for his courses that excel in playability and are tributes to dead rockstars. Check out his newest, Minnetonka Lake.

Notable Courses: Mia Memorial (6.3 Rating; 2.3K Plays)- Multipin , Eli’s Course (with Eli Wert) (6.6 Rating; 2K Plays)- Multipin

Newest Course: Minnetonka Lake

Minnetonka Lake – by Jason Wert

Another month in the books! See you in June!

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