Canuck’s (100% Completely Subjective) Top TGC Designers List #30-26

***DISCLAIMER***- This list is 100% subjective and completely based on my own personal preference. It is hard coming up with a list like this and there are some designers that I love that didn’t quite make the top 30. Please realize that this list is not intended to offend anyone. I am sure that some of you have a favorite designer that doesn’t even make the list. If you are not on this list, PLEASE don’t take offence. I’m sure I have played many of your courses and loved them!  If you are planning on reading this and already know that you will be upset if you are not on the list/not as high as you think you should be..just don’t bother reading this. It’s just for fun.


Here we go! I have thought about doing a list like this for a while, and since we have TGC2 on the horizon, we are counting down our time left with TGC1. We have had so many fantastic courses that have been created over the past couple of years, and the good news is that we will still see alot of them when we port them into TGC2 (although some will probably have 50 waterfalls….). My only criteria for creating this list is that each designer must have created a minimum of 5 courses uploaded to the database. Again, this list is 100% subjective and ranked by designers whose courses I enjoy the most on a regular basis.

Also, who did I miss? I’m sure there are some glaring omissions on my part. Let me know in the comments section!


30. Wayne Adams (bigcat024)

Wayne sneaks onto the list due to his HUGE collection of courses (I count 62 at the moment), almost all I have found to be quite enjoyable to play. Wayne seems to have a new course out every week, and somehow doesn’t run out of ideas. Not sure how he does it. My favorites of his are: Blu Violet and The Fairways Club.

Blu Violet – by Wayne Adams


29. David Jensen (ddawg)

I owe a lot to David in my early design career. He gave me some valuable feedback on my first couple courses and has given me tips that I still use on my courses today. He is by far one of the most methodical designers I know of, as he claims to spend 100+ hours on some of his courses. A couple of my favorite DDawg courses include Windsong Shores Golf Sanitarium and one of my all time favorites, The Marina Course at Jensen’s Landing.

The Marina Course at Jensen’s Landing – by David Jensen


28. Simon Morris (Sam)

Simon started out with the designer by designing some very “fantasy-ish” courses that weren’t really my cup of tea. In the last year or so however, he has really found his stride, creating some outstanding courses. My current favorites of Sam’s are Dovetail Park Golf Club and Grangethorpe Downs.

Dovetail Park Golf Club – by Simon Morris


27. Brent Gravelle (PHJ314)

While not exactly a “household name” in the design community, I’m almost sure that you have played a couple of his courses and probably really enjoyed them. Brent has shown that he is an equally skilled RCR and fictional course designer. My two favorites of his include Stonebridge GC – Ottawa (Tour) and Swindler’s Bluff.

Swindler’s Bluff – by Brent Gravelle


26. Keith Callahan (HB_KeithC)

Keith (HB’s community manager) has been designing courses for a while, and I have played pretty much all of them. He was one of the first to submit a course to my original “Canuck’s Course Critiques” show and his design skills continue to improve. All his courses are very heavily played, because he now creates the “HB Official” courses for the game. Lucky Dog. My favorites of Keith’s are The Golf Club at Hunter Meadows and The Goldfinch Club.

The Goldfinch Club – by Keith Callahan


Look for #25-21 on the blog tomorrow!





  1. Simon A Morris (SAM0 on June 22, 2016 at 5:59 pm

    Cheers Andrea….. Thanks for the recognition… looking forward to the full list & your #1 choice!!!

  2. Wayne Adams on June 23, 2016 at 8:37 pm

    Thanks its an honor to be named to your list.Not really a course a week lol.I can assure you many hours are spent on each design. Retired old man with lots of time and a love of golf real life and tgc.

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