Canuck’s (100% Completely Subjective) Top TGC Designers List #25-21

***DISCLAIMER***- This list is 100% subjective and completely based on my own personal preference. It is hard coming up with a list like this and there are some designers that I love that didn’t quite make the top 30. Please realize that this list is not intended to offend anyone. I am sure that some of you have a favorite designer that doesn’t even make the list. If you are not on this list, PLEASE don’t take offence. I’m sure I have played many of your courses and loved them!  If you are planning on reading this and already know that you will be upset if you are not on the list/not as high as you think you should be..just don’t bother reading this. It’s just for fun.

Let’s keep it going! Today I will be counting down from 25-21.

Also, who did I miss? I’m sure there are some glaring omissions on my part. Let me know in the comments section!

25. Chris Nelson (hershalcrustofsk)

Chris has very quietly been creating outstanding courses for the community and I think he is finally starting to get the recognition he deserves now. Chris seems to be vastly improving as his two newest are my favorites of his: McGillicuddy’s Perch (the course that beat mine during the HB design contest…I’m not bitter 🙂 ) and Reid’s Cottage.

McGillicuddy’s Perch – by Chris Nelson

24. Elliott Caw (Elz_41)

How can I forget one of my TGCTLive co-hosts? No this isn’t a pity mention. Elz is one of my favorite designers and has produced a few instant classics, such as Valkyrie Fields CC and Bunyip River Golf Club.

Bunyip River Golf Club – by Elliott Caw

23. Stephen McIntyre (pingzing2)

Stephen is another designer that quietly goes about creating top quality courses. Lately, he has been splitting his time designing in TGC as well as that OTHER golf game. But I won’t hold that against him. Be sure to check out Tropic of Capricorn and Maha Toka Golf Club.

Maha Toka Golf Club – by Stephen McIntyre

22. Dean Lowdon (drlowdon)

Dean, Dean the design machine. Mr. Lowdon has over 30 courses in the database, almost all of which are a joy and vastly underplayed. Dean may not be the flashiest designer on this list, but his courses are always well thought out and extremely playable. My favorites of his are Le Golf National 2016 and Crooked Stick.

Crooked Stick – by Dean Lowdon

21. Seth Campion (scampi00)

Seth has burst onto the scene lately and quickly become a household name. Seth has created a series of excellent tutorial videos, which he backs up by creating some spectacular courses, such as Saxony Golf Club and White Knuckle Beach.


White Knuckle Beach – by Seth Campion

Look for #20-16 on the blog tomorrow!

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